Photos en pastel

I decided to keep the vignette thematics for this week, as it is something I really like. On this post I focused on a vignette I arranged for my home, something semi permanent, let's say. This post is all about vignettes that are created for a photographic register only.

I love photos that capture a kind of feeling, a sensation, a mood. I love things that are old, vintage, with a country flair about them. And I wanted to showcase these beautiful old dishes on some kind of register, with a styling that would enhance their rustic charm and at the same time make them look a bit more delicate, more feminine as opposed to a certain childish feel I see in them. I used an old fruit crate I dyed, and old crochet doilies from my grandmother's collection, as well as an old apron that used to figure in the maid's uniform back at my greatgrandmother's edwardian home. The spoon, you've seen it around before, it's one of my arts and crafts projects.

I was quite lucky with the light, this day, as it was quite a diffuse, white light, almost wintery in feel. Looking at these images makes my mind wonder and imagine long days spent on the countryside, a secluded cottage near a river, bushes and bushes full of wild berries, a kitchen ladden with aromas of cooking spices, the sound of birds chirping away on the nearest trees, and long evenings by the fire, reading, chatting, playing board games. It takes me away to a time of simpler lives, mundane lives, when wants were not so much for the material but for the spiritual, for the enrichment of one's mind and the simple nourishment of one's body. It soothes my soul to travel in my head to this kind of life, but if I were to be frank, do I really crave for that? I would settle for a quiet agreement between such a pastoral and secluded living and our modern stressful world, a mix of the two would really be my cup of tea. What about you?

*Right now I am away on vacay, and shan't be updating neither blog, nor facebook, nor pinterest nor instagram, as I am to be 3 weeks without an internet connection. Pure relaxation, man!!!


  1. Adorei a luz das fotos, e os pratos são muito bonitos.
    Boas férias! :)

  2. as tuas fotos estão cada vez mais bonitas! lindo!


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