Anniversaire de Mariage

It so happens that fourteen years ago, on this very day, my husband and I had our first kiss. To the sound of Deine Lakaien's "Come back, my dream.". Yep, and this one became our song, as expected. Along with Siouxie's Cascades, dunno why. I was drinking quite too many shots and cocktails, courtesy of my spongebob boyfriend, who could drink his weight and not get drunk. He can also eat an ox in one sitting and not get fat, so there you go, he has perfect genetics and I don't . Anyways, said spongebob boyfriend became my husband two years later, twelve years ago on this very day. So we are celebrating yet another wedding anniversary. It so happens that there's a little boy, the oh so well loved (and spoiled) fruit of said marriage, who loves himself a good party, and demanded dancing and what not. Yeah, he likes to dance, the kid does. As long as I'm holding him in my arms, which he is way too big and heavy for. So, I'm not really keen on having a dancing party, as I fear my poor arms and back just won't survive the activity. I am more into a fine wine and dine, opening up a sweet bordeaux, cooking up a squid risotto, and diving my face into a creamy pudding like this one. 

My husband whizzed this one up a while ago, as I was craving for something sweet and we had nothing, or close to nothing, to cook with. But we had coffee, we had milk, we had eggs and there was sugar as well as vanilla essence. And that's really all you'll need. That simple, and that easy. And that good.

So for this Créme de Café you will need a cup of really strong coffee, four egg yolks, four tablespoons of caster sugar, a cup of milk and either a vanilla pod or a splash of vanilla essence. You start by mixing up your egg yolks with your sugar on a heat proof bowl, and mix it well. Then start adding your milk and your coffee, slowly, as you keep whisking. Get a pot with two fingers of water in and let it come to a simmer over a high heat. Turn the heat down, and using this for a bain marie, by getting the bowl on top of this pot, making sure that the bottom of said bowl does not touch the simmering water. At this point, add the vanilla, and keep whisking, until the mixtures sets and turns creamy - you'll know it's ready if it coats the back of a wooden spoon, and when you lick a finger through it, there's a divide on the cream and it won't run. Take off the the stove and pour into individual bowls, that go in the freezer or are served lukewarm, depending on your preference.

In reality, this is no more than a coffee flavoured custard, but it is so good, that bite of the coffee really does make a certain difference from the sweetness of a regular custard. I deeply recommend this dessert, if you have guests over and want something that you can cook ahead and keep in the freezer - be sure to cover every individual bowl with cling film, pressing it down against the custard so it won't create that yucky hard layer on top! - or if you want something that's quite easy to make. You can even spruce it up by making merengues out of the remaining eggwhites and decorating the custards with them! Really versatile. And really tasty.


  1. bem, fiquei com água na boca! e parabéns pelo aniversário de uma união feliz :)

  2. Muitos parabéns!!
    Até experimentava a sobremesa mas, sou nada prendada na cozinha :(

  3. Babe, antes de mais que tenhas tido um feliz aniverário de casamento e que faças muitos , muitos mais! tenho a certeza que este delicioso pudim fez as delícias da vossa celebração! Muitos parabéns!

  4. adoro essa da Siouxsie <3
    feliz aniversário aos dois!


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