Les dérniers pêches d'été

Peaches and nectarines are for me Summer fruits par excellence. When they're ripe, their aroma fills the kitchen with memories of long, warm afternoons, lazing around with a good book at hand, doing nothing but reading and chewing on their juicy sweetness. As far as I'm concerned, once Summer is in full swing, nothing beats a good peach, and their versatility enables me to use them for so many recipes, and in so many different ways.

Have you tried roasting peaches? Just popping them into the oven, letting them bake, and then drizzling them with a good, light honey, it is a treat to be had on one of those late Summer evenings, when you're craving for something indulgent but don't really want to go overboard. Or baking pies, with simple custard and peach slices, sugary on top, the pastry crunching away as you bite into the sweet creaminess that's cut by the tartness of a hard peach. On cakes they work mighty well, too. Just bake a simple sponge, or a carrot cake if you're looking for something less caloric, and top the cake mix with peaches cut in halves, drizzle the whole with demerara sugar an bake. You will not be sorry.

But one of the simplest, yet most delicious ways to have ripe peaches as a light snack is simply lining the bottom of a single bowl with some oats, fill it up with natural unsweetened yogurt and top it all with slices of peach, drizzling the juices all over this. It is fresh, it is sweet and tart at the same time, crunchy once you hit the oats, it's filling and satisfying, and you'll feel like you have just indulged in the most luxurious dessert ever. But don't just take my word for it, go ahead and try.


  1. ai tivesse eu mel em casa já experimentava essa ideia do forno. mas com iogurte e aveia também me parece bem!

  2. Que bom aspecto!!!!

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  3. oh está tão lindo, para além de ter um aspeto delicioso!


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