P'tit air sur les vacances

Can you spot the seal? Martinha was the star of this summer in São Martinho do Porto, everyday she returned to the bay after noon, and spent her afternoon and evenings there, on a platform, swiming around and just being cute. Then one day she did not return to her favoured spot. I hope she has moved on with her voyage, as seals are not native to Portuguese waters nor the Portuguese coast. She was a one off. But I cannot deny the fascination around having her out there on the bay waters, seemingly at hand's reach. I could spend hours just watching what she would be doing, and so could many people. She was like a form of entertainment, and of surprise. We applauded when she climbed on the platform, and we applauded when she dove from it. And when she was late coming back into the bay, we applauded her as soon as we saw her head above the water, reaching her preferred place. But a seal is not a pet, a seal is wild and free, and she moved on with her journey. Still, I feel rather privileged at having shared part of my summer with such a splendid creature.

Wild life aside, we did what we always do every summer holidays. We take long walks, we barbecue everything, we watch the sun go down over the bay, we spent most afternoons at the beach, lazing and playing and trying to brace those cold, cold waters!! I cannot get enough of those views, of that tangy air, of the good food and the rested pace.

It is a fact I do not conceal that I would permanently move there if I could, as life is so much less stressful, and everything is more paced and calm. Produce is less expensive and much better, the vegetables seem to sing to us as you walk by the market stalls, your appetite changes and you start craving things you normally don't because, well, quite frankly, they normally do not taste good - I speak for my hubby and our son, as I cannot go without large quantities of fruit and veggies year round, no matter what they taste like. But alas, it is not possible yet to just hop and move away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, so we just go on dreaming of these large open spaces, and the big, blue skies above our heads, from year to year, and maybe soon we can go back, if even for a weekend... my whole soul claims for it.


  1. Adoro as fotos. Pores do sol lindíssimos. Que saudades dessa zona!

    Joana x

  2. Engraçado que estava em S.Martinho do Porto no dia em que ela apareceu. Ficamos horas na praia ao fim do dia a apreciar e a tentar adivinhar o que era (alguns diziam que era uma lontra).
    Um sítio muito bonito e agradável :)

  3. adorei o "onde está o wally?" com a lontra! sou mesmo distraída, não foi logo à primeira! o pôr do sol aí é flabbergasting!


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