Thé et lait

Breakfast should be kept for breakfast, right? Only, not really. Aren't there days when you get to your appointed lunch time and you're doing something, working on something, and so immersed in it that you end up not noticing it's lunch time, and all of a sudden you seem to wake up from your task, from that exciting thing you're doing and notice you're ravenous, it's kind of late, and there's absolutely nothing cooked that you can just warm up and eat?

It's not always that this happens to me, but there are times when I'm writing and I really get into it, the world around shuts down completely, I'm living and breathing in that world I created, and all I can do is give in to the call of the muses and go with the flow, forgetting time and thirst and hunger and all. Whenever this happens, I seem to be outside my self, really, akin to falling asleep, and being asleep, and when I come up for air, I seem to wake up from a rather nice nap, but I'm usually ravenous and thirsty. If I notice that there's nothing in the fridge I can just pop inside the microwave and heat, and if it's past two in the afternoon, I give in to one of my not so well hidden guilty pleasures, and treat myself to a cup of tea loaded with milk, and thin slices of bread and butter - soda bread being the number one on my pleasure list for these afternoon snacks when I've skipped lunch. It is so comforting, and fulfilling, like a warm blanket around you, a soft pillow where you lay your head and dream, a cozy couch you get to sit on, at the end of a busy, busy day...


  1. se eu pudesse só tomava pequeno-almoço e lanchava :P

  2. e sabe sempre tão bem este delicioso petisco! ;) bem te entendo!
    adorei as fotos!
    votos de um ótimo fim de semana

  3. hum, que bom aspecto! Deste-me mesmo vontade de ir preparar um lanchinho :)


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