The Last of the Summer Wine

It's kind of a wonder that, after having spend my Summer hols in this area for so many years - the first Summer out there I was two years old, and went with my grandparents! - there are still hidden gems that we discover year after year. Be it a little cafe hidden in the forest, set by a dreamy lake, oozing with charm, be it a tunnel leading to a place where the waves crash high above your head, or a secluded beach like this one. The views were just spectacular, and you could feel the danger of it all, with the possibility of landslides, the fact that there were no life guards down on the beach, the waves and the currents, so high and strong. It was a savage place, wild in all its natural, undisturbed glory, a place where your whole body shouted out with respect for the forces of nature.

Besides the tradition of getting lost driving, trying to find new spots and wonders, we kept up with our son's favoured tradition of the year: his birthday picnic in the woods. He turned six, I can't even believe he is six already! There was lemon drizzle cake and it was so good, to just sit around doing nothing besides resting, relaxing, munching on goodies and playing card games with the kid, surrounded by the scent of pines and eucalyptus, feeling nature taking hold of one's mind.

And the nights still held the same glory and mistery in its sunset, with the lights across the bay cutting through the inky darkness, the pink tinge of the setting sun tinting the waters and the skies, the reflection of lamp posts playing in the water, the calm, the silence, the spectacle of it all. It is a fact that we took our after dinner walks mostly at the time other people were having their dinners, so we could really enjoy the calm and the silence as we walked around the boardwalk, watching the bay go to sleep. It is the kind of view I can never tire of.


  1. Incrível como os lugares estão plenos de memórias...e a sensação fantástica que nos dão ao revisitá-los! lindo!


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