The end of Summer seems to bring bittersweet feelings to most people - not to me, I'm always ready for the advent of Fall come September the first! - with the proximity of grayer skies, lower temps, longer nights and shorter days. But Summer won't be over before the 21st (seems like this year will be the 23rd!), and so we can go on playing with this season's light and colours, and if there is one I immediately associate with the time of vacationing, beaching and all in all good fun, it has to be turquoise and minty hues. It brings to mind immediately that sensation of cool, tropical seas, or long, lazy afternoons by a bubbling river, cascades of dripping water running over your tanned limbs, and all around relaxation.

I do enjoy surrounding myself with homeware pieces that sport these colours, and I tend to display them more when it gets sunny and warm outside, starting from Spring. As soon as I see the first buds blooming, the first green stubs of fresh leaves on the trees, I have a tendency to grab these pieces and display them around the house, reminding me that my hibernating days are coming to an end, and that the time to lighten up every ambiance is soon to be here. And since I do not like to rush the seasons, but rather prefer enjoying them in their own time, making the most of it all, I'm still surrounding myself with these sweet summer hues, even though I've allowed a hint of Fall to enter my home by now...


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