L'element naturel

Though this week's weather forecast is promising a return to Summer. the fact is we are in Autumn, and as it is, our houses are accordingly decorated, no? At least mine is - I already put up the Halloween decorations, at the request of a certain small boy who so loves to have themed decors around him! - and since October kicked in I started adding little vignettes depicting Fall and some Autumnal touches.

It's no secret that I live on a tight budget, and I can imagine most of us do, at the moment and with national economy being what it is, so money to spend on pretty little things to spruce up a home may be scarce or non existant . come on, putting food on the table ends up being the main priority of most families at this time! - but if you're anything like me, you like having a house turned into a home, somewhere pretty and cozy, where you feel comfortable, that reflects you and your family, with items that make it livable yet embelished, and reflective of the turning of the seasons. So for me, the easiest way to accomplish this on no money whatsoever is either to shop my own home - wich I do, a lot! - or go out and get natural elements into my house.

A nearby park, an avenue with trees on either side, the woods near one's home, the beach, they're all perfect spots for you to get your bounty and find neglected treasures. A pine cone, or several, in different sizes and shapes, fallen accorns, the rust coloured leaves that gather around a tree, these are all for free, and all you need is pick them up! 

There's nothing easier than gathering these elements, and then shop your home for small wicker baskets - maybe you have some in your bathroom, storing creams and other items, and you can use them for this! - old fruit crates that happen to be appealing and rustic enough, lamps and candles, pretty throws and warm blankets...

Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment at seeing a vignette created by your own imagination, with the natural elements you have gathered outside and that you have placed around the house to reflect the changing of seasons and the colours of the natural world. It brings a sense of living to a house, it cozies it up, it makes a home warmer and more lived in, cared for. So what are you waiting for, to get outside and gather up nature's gifts to enhance your living space?


  1. Bom dia, babe!
    adoro as tua vignettes outonais, as fotografias ficaram muito bonitas, com um ar misterioso e envolvente a lembrar mesmo o outono. a tua casa está encantadora! tens muito jeito, mesmo, para a decoração!

    votos de uma muito boa semana para ti e para os teus!

  2. decoração low cost e bem bonita! gosto muito de elementos naturais usados como decoração :)

  3. Olá ola, andei desaparecida mas voltei e tenho que te dar os parabéns. As composições e fotografias estão verdadeiramente inspiradoras. Muito bonitas :)

  4. as coisas mais bonitas para decorar até normalmente não custam nada. A jarra da avó com umas flores colhidas. Folhas de Outono...Pedras, bolotas.. <3


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