Une table a trois

After dowsing you all with images of scenic views from my last weekend away, I thought it might be a good idea showing you the table I set for my birthday dinner. It was a dinner en petit comité, just the three of us, quite simple, and cozy, but full of love and joy, and I wanted the table to reflect this.

I started by adding a bunch of my favourite flowers, 'brincos de princesa' - I for the life of me do not know their name in english! - as a note of cheer and colour. My grandparents grew these flowers in their back garden when I was a child and I have always loved their droopiness, the coulours, the delicacy.

As for the dinnerware, I hesitated between a rustic feel, with old, vintage china from the fifties and sixties, or a more elegant, shabby chic look. The later one won, as it was to be a party dinner, I really wanted something delicate and dainty for my birthday. The very light blue of these dishes with the pink roses and the hues of green of the leaves is quite refreshing, and charming.

As for the silverware, the ones I used have a slight medieval touch to them, in the engraving and the bone like handle. I find them beautiful, there's something about them that reminds me of Lord of the Rings, something the Elves might use at their tables. Call me nuts, if you will!

There were teacups where me and our boy could enjoy a nice chamomile tea, as my husband prefers his expresso coffee. He got to drink it out of a very delicate and elegant coffee set, all white with gold detailing.

So this was it, really. A table that is very down to earth and simple, but that conveys a lot of who I really am, and that is how it should be for my birthday. I thought the table setting should really reflect me, and it does. What do you think?


  1. que loiça mai linda, estou apaixonadíssima!

  2. A mesa está linda!


  3. oh, brincos de princesa - adoro!!!
    a mesa está encantadora, a loiça tem tudo a ver contigo - adoro o country British vibe!


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