Chocolat Chaud

Summertime begs for snacks of fresh fruit, a break made while enjoying a yogurt, a treat made of creamy cold icecream. You're bothered with the heat, you need to hydrate, you're not really hungry but still crave for something that will refresh you, and these are the choices you make on those long hot days.

But when the cold weather comes beating on your door, on those days when you have spent the whole afternoon sitting at your computer, working laboriously to the point of having numb, icy cold fingers - oh this happens to me all the time! - all you want is something hot, and good.

A beverage that's made your cup or glass really scalding, so you can wrap your fingers around it and warm them up, something that as it goes down your throat warms you all up from the inside, giving you that tingly feeling of heat radiating from your stomach, something that leaves you comforted and feeling cozy.

A treat, as reward for your hard work and labours of the day, a glass of really hot chocolate, made gooey and oozing with sweetness, something that breaks all the rules and yet, leaves that smile of satisfaction upon your lips, something that will give both body and mind the comfort that will spurr you on to keep working hard, the just desserts for having made so much, accomplished so much today!

And nothing goes better with that tall glass of hot chocolate than a cookie or two. Not too sweet, not too chewy, not too bland, just with enough crunch to it, or lathered with some jam, spiked with chocolate chips, a cookie will hit the spot alongside the hot chocolate delight. So why not treat yourself to it, have a break, make a pause on your busy day, nibble along and get yourself some much deserved comfort in the form of delicious treats like these. And consider baking a batch of cookies to present friends and family as Christmas gifts that are given from the heart and made with love. I'll be coming back to this later in the week, and in the upcoming weeks, with yummy recipes of treats that can be made and given as Christmas gifts, and cookies are always winners!!


  1. adorei a combinação dos bolinhos já tão natalícios com esse apetitoso chocolate quente!
    Happy Thanksgiving day my sweetie!

  2. adoro isso, quase não csguir tocar na caneca, o ter de soprar p csguir beber aahah isso dá mm conforto. Detesto qd num café peço um galão super quente e vem morno............. Juro, é das cenas que mais me irrita. Isso e torradas quase sem manteiga. O ppl n tem noção do que é CONFORTO? ok ok vou acalmar-me.
    Esses cookies :P


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