Pour mon mec

It's been nearly a month since my husband's birthday and I have been meaning to post these pics for that long, problem is, I temporarily lost track of them due to certain computer issues. But I found them, and here they are.

It was a weekday, so we didn't do much of a party, just a family dinner between the three of us, with some choice menu figuring my famous squid risotto and cake for dessert.

But I wanted to present a pretty setting, something that looked bright and cheery, colourful and clean at the same time. A bunch of flowers - fake, as I am highly allergic to the real stuff - in a rustic white pitcher set the mood immediately. Their colours ranging from deep purples, to dusty blues, oranges and yellows set the tone for the rest.

I chose these linens because their colours complemented the flowers so well. These linens have history, they were brought from Macao by my maternal grandfather, who was a military man, when he was stationed there in the early 1930's. His own grandfather having been Governor of Macao, when it was still a portuguese colony, meant there was an already strong tie to the region. This napkin shows the amazing craftmanship that made me fall in love with these linens the first time I saw them at my grandparents house, when I was a small child, these are handembroidered, so delicate, so perfectly done. I couldn't resist putting them to use for my hubby's birthday!

But in order to make the linens shine, I wanted to keep the rest simple, muted, yet quite elegant. Silverware in ivory with lovely engraved designs, crystal glasses, etched and engraved as well, white dishes, all aiming for a clean look, so that the food might resonate amongst the white canvas.

So it was a quite simple table I set for my husband's birthday, and yet it was cheerful and romantic, quite appropriate for a dinêr a deux - only ours, was a dinêr a trois, as our son will not be left out of anything that might resemble a party!!


  1. Adoro os talheres :)

    Giveaway a decorrer no meu blog, participa.

  2. muito cozy e intimo, como se quer! na mouche!


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