Pour sucrer la bouche

Sometimes a dinner begs for a sweet ending. A lavish meal, with care put into it, the choiciest ingredients, the best cooking methods, a good wine to make the tastebuds sing with the flavours of the food, something this thought of asks for dessert at the end of the meal.

A choice of desserts will certainly make guests linger on over these, as they try to decide what appeals to them more. Summertime being over, there are still some plums that are good for jams, or compotes, and for a cake or two. An upside down red and yellow plum cake  is light enough and fresh, reminiscent of summer pies that are graced with a dollop of icecream, for indulgence's sake, this time paired ff with a sweet chilled wine that has all the aroma of Autumn seeped into it. The slices are thin, and small, providing room and excuse to partake of yet another dessert, should there be one...

And a plum and apple cake drizzed with cinnamon and sugar before being put into the oven should be just the right piece to tempt the onlookers into a teeny wee bit, a smallish slice, another sweetening of the tastebuds, as it will complement the previous dessert oh so well, finishing off a proper meal that was made with care and love. Serving thin slices of this Fall cake with fragrant cups of black coffee will make sure the meals goes out with a proper bang, and guests will be left feeling loved and properly cared for, certain of having been treated almost as royalty.


  1. eu tou a espera é de quando vou jantar a tua casa,, ahahaha


  2. okok n tem é o principal, masv adoro a loiça e o copo. ahahh fatias fininhas p comer 2 sobremesas é só o melhor truque <3 eu vivia de sobremesas, bolos, chocolate e gelado

  3. é que para além do aspeto divinal da comida também acho lindas as tuas loiças! ah , e acollage está superb!!!


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