Chocolat chaud et croissants

I did these photos a while ago, for an assigment I needed to post on a class I toook over at Silkshare. This is a comunity where you can take online courses and workshops  on various subjects. I've chosen classes on photography and food styling, and this particular assignment was for Leela Cyd's course called Food Photography: Creating your unique story.

I wasn't expecting a lot from these classes, but enjoying myself and seeing someone else's creative process. Turns out I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these classes and how much I really did learn! Leela is a wonderful comunicator and has a way of explaining things in a really easy way to understand what she means, her creative process is quite unique and has given me so much inspiration and made me see things in different ways. Sometimes we get locked up in our routine ways of doing things, and it's refreshing to get shaken up in our old ways and suddenly start seeing things outside our box.

I came across Silkshare after Marte Marie Forsberg, who is one of my all time faves and inspiration in the world of food styling and lifestyle photography, announced she was teaching a course over at Silkshare on her Instagram feed. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to enroll and learn from her, which was an overall amazing chance and experience, as I have been wanting to take a workshop with her - and a few others - for ages, but sadly am unable to afford them.

I have enrolled at a few other food styling and photography courses by Leela, and can't wait to take them and learn from her, as I found myself thinking of process and storytelling in a way that is so unusual for me, not on a narrative sense that focus on the written word, on the conveying of a story through the words - I am, after all, first and foremost a writer - and using the images to illustrate those words, she got me thinking of how I could tell the same story with no words at all, just through the images I take. That is a hard process for one who relies so much on the written form, but one I am eager to tackle and maybe take my photography to the next level!

So that is going to be one of my goals for next year, thinking of my creative process in new lights and forms, not depending so much on my words to explain my images and convey my thoughts or feelings, but starting to rely on styling and visual storytelling to do just that. I hope you will all still be there on the other side, coming along with me on this new journey of learning and growing, I'm sure I'll be having a blast through it all, and I just hope to make better art all the way.


  1. gostei dos grandes planos, já está a dar frutos essas lições! não conhecia por acaso, vou pesquisar sobre isso :)

  2. Nota-se uma grande evolução na forma como tens fotografado os pratos, de certeza que vais fazer grandes sessões futuras :)

  3. Adorei estas fotos, estão lindas de morrer!

  4. UAU! será que a minha Diana Serpins vai ter colega de trabalho? Ainda me vais fotografar! E eu sei que não sou comida, mas... : DD

    1. ná ná ná, se há uma coisa que eu não consigo é fotografar pessoas como deve de ser. e no dia em que estiver ao nível da Diana, pá, dou-me por muitoooooo satisfeita. Não tenho olho, nem tenho um cérebro fotográfico, não tenho aquele spark of talent básico, tenho ideias, ok, e tenho teimosia de as tentar pôr em práctica e vontade de fazer, de aprender, de conhecer. Um dia destes mostr-te uma foto que o meu filho tirou, pegou na camera e tirou, sem mais. Eu não teria sido capaz de tirar aquela foto, aquilo é ter olho, ver ali algo que eu não vi, e conseguir capturar esse algo numa foto... e estavamos os dois a olhar para a mesma coisa.


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