Festive overload

And we have reached the season where I fill my house with knick knacks of Christmas spirit. I mean, this is not just your regular 'deck the halls', this is full on festive mode overload!! I love the season, I love the red and the gold and the silver and the green, I love the decorations and the light, it all seems magical, like a fantasy dream world, and come on, don't we all need a little magic in our lives? I'm quite the traditional one when it comes to Christmas decorating, always going for the same colour combos of green, red, gold with a little silver thrown in for good measure. I'm not a classic xmas person, no way, I like to have a certain old times' feel to my decor in every season, something that goes a little on the vintage look, but that is at the same time original, unique, mine. The tree. I love this tree, we've had it for 12 years and it shows a bit of wear, but I cannot dream of getting rid of it. You see, it liiks like a real tree, with its wooden trunk, so long, and the greenery on top. I love deocrating it with gold and red ornaments with a few baubles that have vintage Santas all drawn on them. On the bottom I always put don my snowman and the ornament boxes as they are so pretty and decorative. And on my desk I always add a few touches with decorations I made myself as the xmas tree tray and the box with the 1930's illustrations of ladies dressed up for Christmas and New Year's Eve. And under the lam, my old santa and bear sit together, they're quite vintage looking and perfectly fit the bill there!

I always scatter around the living room other items I DIY'ed, as I really like to have the house feeling warm and cozy, inviting and seasonal at this time of the year. On the heater I always heave the Christmas Stockings hanging, and on Christmas day there is surely to be some sort of tiny treat on our son's stocking, it is a tradition we make a point of having. The dinning room table has a simple arrangement as it needs to be pulled aside easily so my husband cans work from there when he needs to.

This is my "pride and joy". My Christmas village. I really love the sense this gives to the house, some of the tiny houses light up, and the biggest one puts on a lighs and music show, and if one turns the lights off, the whole ambiance becomes quite magical. It is a small part of a fantasy world that can get imaginations flying with ideas and stories and warmth and it has become a tradition for me and my son to, when we get home from school, just light up the tree, the village and another garland and sit on the couch just watching the lights and enjoying that sight. As the boy always says, it is quite magical and joyful!!

There are always candles around, evocative of the season, I deck red candles all over, on windowsills, tables, shelves, I like the way it looks And the ornaments I DIY'd this year, they have center stage as you walk into my living room, and there's a crown of lights over the door to light our way in. The halways is also filled with bits and pieces I did over the years, and candles on the console, and my son's treasured snowflake, something he has wanted for years and we finally got him one this season. As for the bedrooms, the boy's is filled with decorations he made himself at kindergarten over the years, all the Nativity scenes he did there, and his adored teddy bear candles. The master bedroom is decorated quite demurely, compared to the rest of the house, but it still has that festive joy about it, as does the kitchen!! So, do you think I go overboard?


  1. Que CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND!!! <3 Fiquei cheeeeeeia de inveja da boa, eu adoooooro o Natal mas em minha casa ninguém liga e não há quase decorações nenhumas! SNIF! Posso mudar-me para aí durante esta quadra??? :D

    beijinhos, Nádia
    My Fashion Insider

    1. Nádia maria, mi casa es su casa looool, mas qq dia nem nós cabemos cá dentro com tanta decoração natalicia eheheheh.

  2. está tão gira a decoração da tua casa- sente-se mesmo o espírito natalício no amor e dedicação com que decoraste tudo ao pormenor! o teu puto deve estar delirante! adorei as collages!


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