Une table de Nöel

Just last week I shared an intimate Christmas table for three. I styled that table when I thought it would be just the three of us for Christmas this year, and I wanted something a little less formal and a lot more creative, filled with warmth, elegance and yet cozy enough for a celebration quite so intimate.

Then things changed, and our lonesome dinner became slightly more populated, with another family member joining our table. So I set about styling a Christmas table for four, somethig that would also look elegant and stylish, slightly less cozy and surely less creative. I wanted the basis of this table to be quite classical, with a white and red thematics, some candlelights, traditional settings and dinnerware. This was before I found out that we actually would not be four but double that number, and now I'm damned if I know how to sit everyone at our small dinning room table!!

I chose a pristine white tabecloth, with discreet embroidery on the hem and matching napkins. The use of my "cavalinho" table set is an obvious choice, as it is a quite classic and traditional design, and I find it matches most styling themes. For the crystalware I opted for combining red faceted glasses with clear and white engraved ones, as two members would be having wine and the other two would not.

Adding just a few Christmas decorative accents helps bring the set to the season, without overpowering it with knick knacks, keeping the whole clean and yet seasonal enough to be cheery and joyful.

I love the contrast of the dark blue dishes on top of the white table cloth, it does give the whole ensemble a certain moody feel that is my sort of signature mark, I do like to add an element of dark moods to most of my tables, something that feels slightly gothic and victorian.

I confess that I had the show Penny Dreadful in mind when I started styling this table, it was the inspiration in my head, and I wanted to get a feel of a victorian dinner party that was up to date with our times. I was rather happy with the outcome, and certain I had found the perfect setting for our family Christmas dinner until I was told we should be double that number at the table. Now I'm hard pressed for ideas, but I confess that I have been getting flashes of inspiration from Pretty Little Liars' Christmas special...


  1. lá estás tu a fazer-me inveja com as tuas loiças lindas. mas que mesa linda e convidativa, mesmo sem comida em cima!

  2. que classe! opá, tu devias ganhar dinheiro a organizar mesas para as pessoas experienciarem jantares românticos e/ou festivos!

    1. Lol, Nancy, não sei se me saía assim tãooooo bem!!

  3. Love the red color domination :D



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