Sunny days, milkshakes and the allure of beauty

Wow, hasn't this week just sped by? And here I am, with nothing done to speak of. These last days we have been graced with amazing sunshine, making me want to be outside a tad more, for walks and just to breath in the sea air. When I sit down at my desk to write, Pinterest keeps calling me (you can follow me here) with its allure of inspirational imagery and food I really want to eat and cook.

I usually catch myself spending hours there, going through board after board, just imbibing all the beauty. I am such a visual person, even when it comes to the written word I have a thing for words that look pretty written down. I will go through phases of being in love with certain words, just because I find them to look pretty ('epiphany' comes to mind immediately...) on their written form.

The problem with being so easily distracted by beauty is that I do let myself get lost in images, in fantasies, as if the world outside is put on hold, and I am undergoing some sort of sleep that is healing in itself, while I stare at images that appeal to me. I forget about writing, I forget about editing, I forget about my chores and some of my responsabilities, I even forget about eating.

So the greatest thing about this warmer weather right now, to me, is the fact that milkshakes are apetizing once more. When the days are dreary and cold and dark, I never crave a milkshake, obviously all I want is a warm drink, a cup of cocoa, tea, whatever will help bring warmth into my body. But as soon as the weather starts warming up, it's like my stomach begins to speak with a new voice, asking for milk and fruit to be combined into a smooth concoction of sweetness.

I am so particular to milkshakes because they are easy. And sometimes I like easy stuff. When I'm undergoing one of those mad creative bouts (which sadly, is not the case right now.) where I can spend hours sitting down writting without time for anything else, I find it really helpful to have a milkshake done, so I can just sip on it while I work. I don't have to pause to eat, as one does with tea and cake, I can go on writing and just take a swig of the milkshake every now and then. Also, they're so filling! And when I am busy busy busy, I know I want something that will prevent me from getting hungry again in a couple of hours.

This one I made it by simply chopping and peeling one banana, one pear and one apple, topped it off with loads of milk and just whizzed. It was quite filling, indeed, and a huge amount of milkshake came out of it!! Seeing I am the only one who really likes this, I had to gobble it all down by myself, and when dinner time came round I was still feeling a bit full from it! But the fact is it allowed me to sit at my desk a while longer, without having to interrupt myself so I could have a snack, even if what I would be interrupting was only an obsessive perusal of Pinterest boards... oh well, let's hope I can somehow channel the muses once more and my inspiration returns!!


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