A peach mousse, a peach pudding , a peachy dessert - or how I managed to become a fan of peach jelly

I detest peach jelly. The scent of it, as the lightly coloured powder comes out of the sachet, is enough to set me gagging. So it comes as no surprise that this is the jelly I hardly ever buy. Only my son adores it. And as a mom, sometimes I have to give in - wait, I seem to be giving in most times!! - and let the kid have the dessert he wants, instead of always the one we impose on him. So one of these weekends, as I talked him into trying something new for dessert, something me and my hubby used to be rather famous for, within our close circle of friends, family and co workers, and something we had not done for a while, I let him convince me I should try it with peach gelatine instead of strawberry or pineapple, the ones I had my eye set on.

One of the things I really wanted to make with the jelly was a kind of a pudding. Take the gelatine sachet, and substitute the water in the instructions for milk, and what you get is something creamier, heavier, more filling and yet as refreshing and delicious as jelly, right? You would have thought so. And so did I. Actually, right, that was the result. I was presented with something that looked nearly as a pana cotta, and I craved it intensely. I assumed my son would love it, after all he is the one who likes peach jelly. I was the first one to try it, and was hooked. Like I said, I detest peach jelly, when you make it with water. There is something about the smell of it that has me gagging immediately - like when I was pregnant and could not bare the scent of celery, one of my fave ingredients in the world!! - and the taste of it just makes things worse. But not when it's made with milk. I fell in love with it. On the other hand, kid detested it. Had one spoonful, said he could eat no more. There's a few glass jars full of this peach pudding that I'm gonna be eating all by myself, it seems. Oh well, could be worse, I figure.

But the other sachet, you should ask, what did you make with the other sachet? Ah, and that is the big question, you see. I loathe peach jelly unless I turn it into a mousse - that was before I discovered what I shall from now on name the peach pudding. And that is precisely what I did with the other sachet. Now, I'm quite aware everyone and their mother must have a version of a gelatin based mousse up their repertoires, less sweetened, more sweetened, less fattening, more fattening, it is a world wide spread dessert, I'm pretty certain. My version is quite simple, as you all should know by now I don't do the fad waggon. I use butter in my cooking, real butter. I use milk, and cream, and real eggs. I don't detox - my body actually does that for me, through my liver and my kidneys!! - and I do not use light substitutes for anything, as they do more harm than good. I am fat. But I am also quite healthy, strange as it may seem, and my food is actually quite healthy as well. Yet, I do indulge and will not say I'm sorry for it.

So this peach mousse is made with cream, whipped cream. Not with cream and condensed milk. Not with only condensed and sweetened milk. Not with fat free, sugar free natural yogurt. Not with soy cream, but I suppose one could substitute the regular cream for this - does it whip, though? I wouldn't know because the only way I will ingest transformed soy is in soy sauce. I use cream, heavy cream at that, if I can find it. As long as you can whip it, should be ok, but I won't be able to assure you it comes out perfect if you substitute the ingredients I used for others. Like I said, I know people who use yogurt instead of cream and they assure me the mousse turns out quite well. I would consider using either greek yogurt or skyr, but I suppose the amount of calories - which is what scares people soooo much - the mousse would pack in would be just the same as if using cream, so I stick to this as it is easier to come across - the day I find skyr for sale in Portugal I'll be seen dancing out in the streets and making a complete fool of myself - and less expensive - greek yogurt seems to be rather a luxe item these days...

So you're going to need:
  • 1 sachet of peach jelly
  • 1 can of peaches - or 250 gr of peaches, destoned and peeled
  • 1 pack of cream
  • 2 heaped tablespoons of sugar -I used vanilla sugar
  • 1 dl boiling water
Start by pureeing your peaches, saving some for decoration, if you want to. Whip your cream with the sugar, and gently fold in the peach puree. Prepare the peach jelly with 1 dl of boiling water for one sachet, allow to cool slightly and then add the chantilly and peaches mixture to this, very, very delicately, so you don't loose the air in it. Pour into a large bowl or individual ones and refrigerate until it is set. Decorate with some peach wedges and enjoy. It is quite easy, and it is a Spring Summer dessert, that will taste great after a barbecue, or a late lunch, or even at a dinner party. And the best part of it is that you can actually make any flavour you want, as long as you have the fruit and the jelly!!


  1. Parece ser tããão bom! Mas também não sou grande fã de gelatina de pêssego.
    Anyway..como traduzes "celery"? Nunca soube o que isso é.

  2. Tem tão bom aspecto!! Eu adoro pêssego, é o meu segundo fruto preferido, mas por acaso em gelatina tb n o gramo.

    1. Um dia faço-te um docinho para as private sales, no dia em que finalmente consiga ir a uma!!!

  3. só te digo que tem um aspeto bestial! lindas as fotos e irresistível este teu doce!
    beijinhos e bom resto de semana

  4. I always was concerned in this subject and stock still am,
    thank you for putting up.


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