The ballad of not being prepared for the 'back to the grind' days and the story of 'how chocolate saved the day'

I'm glad to see the end of this week, seriously. It's been such a long, tiresome one!! I honestly was not ready to the back to school grind, after two weeks vacation. The routine of getting up at seven and having the kid ready and at school by nine, only to pick him up at lunch time and have him back again for the after lunch period and finally dragging my bum once more to his school for the final pick up... I was not ready for that and for all that comes in between the school runs.

It has not been the least productive week of my life. I have exercized a lot more than I had done of late, keeping up with the routine I started during Spring Break. But beyond that, I haven't done shit. My to do folder is full of pictures that need editing. There's a pile of laundry that needs ironing sitting atop a wicker chair in my bedroom. There's a chapter dragging on for days now, that keeps staring me in the face and turning a blank inside my head. There's so much to do, and so little energy to accomplish it. I blame it on the weather, you know?

It was sunny, and warm, and pretty. I was wearing flower print shoes. A light edwardian blouse. I put away most of my Winter clothes and rain boots. I was basking in the sunlight, feeling energised and spirited, inspired and productive. I was inventing recipes and testing them, photographing like crazy, styling my pictures and coming out proud and happy with the result. I had managed to finish a certain chapter that was not coming out as I wanted it - and that still needs revising and editing, I believe. I was feeling really lively and full of plans for the outside and the coming weeks. And then rain. And cold. And bitter winds. And dark skies. And my energy suddenly sapped out of me, and oh those early wake up calls again...

So yes, I know, I'm feeling lazy as hell. And craving comfort food. Actually, no, I'm craving Spring flavours, lighter dishes and desserts, but feeling discouraged by the stormy days of late, I go back to those warm dishes that warm up the house and the heart and the stomach. Heavier food. Heavier mind. Like sleep taking over me. I know it will soon be over, this listlessness, I know that as soon as I get back in the rythm of things, used to those early hours and those to's and fro's, I'll get my mojo back. Because all I had envisioned is still there, at the back of my mind: the light layered cakes, the salads, the fish pastas filled with zesty lemon flavours and chilli flakes, the fruit mousses, chilled white wines, walks at the park, strolls by the sea, recipes that are making their way in my head so I can go and try them on for size, dialogues and action scenes, character backgrounds, narrative processes, it is all there. Dozing. And it needs to wake up.

And what better way to do it than by the magic of chocolate and coffee? I had been craving a lighter chocolate pudding for weeks, now. The warmth of its colour, the bitterness, the sting of its bite. I was on a chocolate need rush, and I had to have it. So I did. I went for a chocolate pudding, that's light to the intake but filled with flavour and oh so comforting on those days when... well, when you need comfort on the back of a spoon. W eall have those, don't we? And chocolate understands, as the saying goes, chocolate does not ask stupid questions, chocolate just... is. So please, do indulge on a chocolate craze. I know I did. And will, again, soon. I think.

For this chocolate pudding you will need:
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • 4 tsp cocoa powder, for culinary purposes
  • half a small cup of coffee, either freshly brewed or espresso
Beat the egg yolks with the sugar untill you get a light, fluffy mixture. On a pan, over medium heat, pour the milk and bring to a simmer. Add the cocoa powder and whisk untill fully mixed. Add the coffee and let it simmer again. Take a couple of spoons of the milk mixture and gently add to the egg and sugar mix, whisking imediately. Add this to the rest of the milk, over a very low heat, and keep whisking until the mix starts to set. The crème will be done once it covers the back of a wooden spoon and you can draw a line through it without it running. Let cool and divide into small serving bowls or pretty teacups. You can sprinkle over some chocolate shavings or leave it bare. Serve chilled, and with a vanilla or butter cookie. Hope you enjoy!!


  1. Hmm que perdição tanto chocolate junto, tem tão bom aspecto. Mas o que brilha mesmo são as tuas fotografias. Estão lindíssimas!

    Sara Cabido | Little Tiny Pieces of Me

    1. muito obrigada, Sara!! Por acaso estas fotos desiludiram-me um bocado, aquilo que eu tinha na minha mente não se traduziu no que fotografei, mas os pudins estavam booooons!!!

  2. Estas imagens parecem tiradas no início do século algures em Yorkshire :)
    O chocolate é o que mais me conforta em termos culinários, mesmo. NADA o substitui

    1. Inicio de que século??? Vinte, espero lol, já que era minha intenção dar a estas imagens um ar meio victoriano, meio Jack the Ripper cooks some sweets eheheheheh. Chocolate understands, né?

  3. adorei as fotos muito vintage a lembrar uma qualquer cena sherlockinana, ou qualquer coisa dos anos 20/ 30 vá-se lá saber porquê me vêm estes cenários à mente! os chocolates são irresistíveis mas é o todo que torna este post espetacular!

    1. de facto era algo desse género que eu estava a tentar recriar nestas imagens, mas ficaram bem looonge daquilo que imaginei...


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