Of new stoves, weight loss and the need for new clothes: a broccoli and onion cream that'll make your tastebuds sing

This past weekend, our new stove finally arrived. It has a glass-ceramic cooktop and a ventilated oven. I'm way more excited about the ventilated oven than any of the rest, to be fairly honest. How silly is that, to be overexcited about a new stove? Well, as silly as it is, I am, and immediately put it to good use. I cooked a frittata for lunch so I could experiment the ventilation, and truth be told, it was the fluffiest, most areated frittata ever! I'm in love with that oven!

With the cooktop being glass-ceramic, we realized our old pots and pans were a bit of no go - and they're old, and fairly worn out by now, some really do need to be binned and substituted by new ones - so we also bought a couple of new pots. These have a thicker bottom, so they will be more efficient when cooking on this type of stove. I can swear they are. We had bought them about a week ago and I was rather longing to put them to use. See, they're pretty too, you know. And I'm a sucker for pretty.

So, I cooked us a mushroom risotto for Saturday night dinner, in one of those new pans, and it was a dream to cook in. I won't bore you to death with the details, but it was really sweet the way the cooking was so much faster and more efficient, and a lot more thorough. Now I really want to replace all of my old pots and pans for new ones. If ten years ago someone told me I would be relishing shopping sprees that consisted of kitchen ware instead of clothes and shoes, I'd call them crazy. Well, looks like the joke is on me, actually!

But the truth is I will have to wait for those. I mean, I still have pots and pans that are all right, and functional, really. Strange as it may seem, what I truly need is to get out there and buy some garments for myself. I have never in my life thought I would shy away from buying clothes, especially when I'm in such dire need f them, but I do now. I'm delaying that outing for as long as I can. In fact, I'm dreading that outing as much as I'm anticipating it.

See, recently I've lost quite a bit of weight and mostly volume, and all the garments I now have are a bit too loose on my body. When it comes to tops and sweaters and turtlenecks, I'm ok with it, really. When it comes to pants and skirts... well, especially skirts, some I can no longer wear, as they fall down my legs. Pants do get by with a belt, but they're starting to look really weird, so... Still, I'm not excited about going shopping because I know what fits my body when I'm fat and round, I know what fits my body when I'm skin and bones, but because I have never been in between before, I dunno what will look good on me.

When I look in the mirror I still see my fat self - I'm a little less fat, now, I'm not thin! - and it still irks me the way my big size clothes look weird and too big on me now. I'm afraid I will not like anything that is a slighty smaller size - I will either want to go for really small sizes, or the big ones, because that's what I know, that's what I've worked with all my life. But I do need to go and do it. Especially when it comes to underwear. Oh, I hate buying underwear, I'm so picky when it comes to it! I shudder at the thought.  But I won't say I'm not glad for this weight and volume loss. I am.

And to keep on with this new weightloss I've been going through, I'm making soups that are a treat to eat, and that are wholesome and nutritious, in case I want to indulge myself on a couple of bowls of soup for lunch. This onion broccoli cream was one of the yummiest soups I made lately, so here's a recipe that you can go ahead and try, it is that good! All you'll need is:
  • one broccoli head
  • six small onions
  • five medium potatoes
  • one large carrot
  • one large courgette
  • one medium turnip
  • one litre good chicken stock + water if needed
  • salt, pepper to taste
Peel and dice all of the veggies and throw them into a large pan with the stock. Add the broccoli head, sliced. Bring to the boil, then lower the heat and let it simmer away until the vegetables are tender and cooked through. Check the seasoning and blitz to a purée. Serve with a small poppy seed french bijoux bun and some caramelized onion as garnish for the soup, and there's your light dinner or lunch! Hope you enjoy!


  1. com que então já há fogão novo! que bom! e fico feliz por estar super satisfeita com ele! agora é só deitar as mãos aos tachos e fabricares aí as tuas receitas caprichadas que eu tanto adoro! e também detesto comprar roupa interior!!! quantos aos trapinho novos para o resto do corpitcho, bbbbring them on! boas compras!

    1. Eu amavaaaaaa comprar roupa, interior, exterior, whatever. Amava. Agora de há uns meses para cá, ando a detestar, não sei porquê...

  2. Embora não seja fã de sopas, acho que ia gostar desta :)
    Beijinhos ...
    Guloso qb

    1. Ai, Carla!!! Não és fã de sopas???? Como???? Eheheheh, eu sou suspeita, adoro sopa! Esta é super boa, sim, mas tenho pelo blog sopas igualmente deliciosas ou melhores até!

  3. Replies
    1. Eu acho delciiosaaaa, mas eu sou suspeita eheheh

  4. Que delicia essa sopa eu amo, amei o post sucesso seguindo
    Meu canal:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apP6eHn5PlI

  5. Adorei o detalhe da páscoa nestas fotos, o pormenor na última :) tu dás-me fome ahahah a sério, como descreves a comida... E NÃO não é nada silly estar em pulgas com um fogão novo. QUERO TB!

    1. Se arranjares um fogãp novo só te digo duas palavras: forno ventilado. Sim, é de morrer! As baguettes do meu marido ficaram para lá de lindas, pareciam saídas de uma boulangerie parisiense que eu passava todos os dias a caminho do metro quando lá estive... xiiiii, saudade de Paris, e o meu filho que me anda sempre a dizer que gostava de lá ir!!

  6. De certeza que vais fazer mesmo bom uso do teu brinquedo novo!
    A cena de comprar roupa, olha será uma nova aventura :) (e pelo que já vi no insta tá muito bem!) Eu adoro comprar roupa interior é a minha parte preferida x)


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