The first cold of the year and a simple cake to celebrate it - no, not really...

We bought a new stove. With a ventilated oven. I have been wanting a ventilated oven for years, now, ever since I was old bread comes out that much crustier and crunchy from baking in a ventilated oven. Is it weird that I'm so excited about a new stove? I can hardly wait for it to be delivered, and we're still a couple of weeks ago, but I find myself daydreaming of it every second, longing for it. I also bought a pair of sneakers and am not even half excited for those to arrive.

I've been dreaming up all the things I will want to bake on that oven, as if I don't bake them in my old stove! I've been lining up recipes, deciding what to try out first - pizza is by now number one contender! - and the countless types of cakes and breads I will bake. Old recipes must get revisited if only just because, new recipes are filling up my cravings board over at Pinterest, my old cookbooks have been perused with new eyes. All because the darn stove has a ventilated oven. Chucks are begging to be roasted, as well as pheasants - I can hear them!! - and boar and all sorts of game. It's a ventilated oven, people!

But in the mean time, while the stove is not yet delivered, life goes on. Pots and pans must be replaced for the new stove - they were really ready to be replaced like a year ago, but we will do it gradually - the kid needs new socks and pants and tees for Spring, as he keeps growing and nothing fits anymore, I kind of need to replace a few items - having lost a bit of weight, some of my stuff is beggining to look really bad on me, as it's far too large and big - and to top it all off, I just got myself a lousy cold that has my nose dripping and clogged, my eyes watering, I'm sneezing half the time and coughing the other half, and I just don't feel like doing anything except huddle in a blanket binge watching "The 100" (in eager antecipation of Zach McGowan making his always glorious entrances!)

Still, stuff needs to get done, and food has to be cooked, so no lingering around for me, even with a cold. A nice, simple cake was all I managed though. A one pot yogurt cake. Use the pot to measure the other ingredients and as a bonus, there's less dishes to wash, so this cake is a winner for me!
  • one pot plain yogurt
  • one pot olive oil
  • two pots light muscovado sugar
  • three pots flour
  • three eggs
  • two tsp baking powder
  • two tsp vanilla extract
Turn your oven at 180º and line a baking tin. Cream the sugar with the eggs until the mixture is pale and start adding the flour with the baking powder and the olive oil plus the vanilla. Pour the batter into the baking tin and bake for aproximately 25-30 minutes. Use a skewer to check the cooking, and once it's done, allow to cool on a rack. This is a rather dark-ish cake, because of the muscovado sugar and the olive oil, it will look darker than other cakes, but don't be tempted to take it out of the oven before being thouroughly cooked, thinking it might be burnt, it's just the colour of it that is a tad darker. Hope you enjoy!


  1. afinal temos post novo!não há nada melhor que um forno ventilado, right? eu adoro! o teu bolo está espetacular e ficou enorme! que ricas fatias daí vão sair! dá-lhe no chá de limão para afastar essa constipação! espero que melhores rapidamente! ebijinhos e aproveita bem o fim de semana, nem que seja só para descansar e te recompores.

    1. Não sei, ainda não chegou o meu ahahahahahah!! Fogo, até sonho com eleeeeeee!

  2. ahahahhahahhhahha isto é mt bom!! Isto é ser adulto cherry, ficar mais contente c um fogão novo q com um par d ténis ou wtv. Eu queria MT tb estar à espera d um fogão novo, e uma máquina de lavar e secar roupa, tenho mm mm d investir nisso. N há paciencia c a chuva. tb sonho em tirar a roupinha ja seca e guarda-la logo..... como tu sonhas em fazer pãezinhos e mil maravilhas no teu novo forno. WE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tenho uma máquina de lavar e secar roupa e não é assim aquela maravilha, uso a função de secar muito raramente, e não sai completamente seca, a roupa... a não ser que onha tipo umas 3 peças, mas fazer lavagem de 3 peças, bruto desperdicio de energia, que a conta da luz cá em casa é caraaaaaa!!

  3. Tenho açúcar mascavado lá em casa sem fazer nada, boa receita pra usa-lo :)

    1. sim, sim, e olha q o açucar mascavado dá uma intensidade de sabor aos doces que é de morrer!!


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