A rant on the fashion industry and hazelnutters because I happen to like pretty things

I woke up today knowing I had a huge bout of PMS coming. You know those days when everyone gets on your nerves and you simply have no patience whatsoever to put up with stupid people who don't even get it when you're being ironic or sarcastic and take everytihng you say literally, so you just want to punch them in the face until they understand and beg for forgiveness? Yep, I woke up like that today. A fine day to steer clear of any form of social media, especially facebook, lest you go and write something you might later regret... not really. But waybe read somenthing you might later have reacted to differently - like in not reacted at all!! 

So I kind of decided to steer my thoughts in a different direction, like fashion, and style for instance. The fashion industry, which gets on my nerves all the time. It really does irritate me the way fashion  industry tries to shame and to regulate people - mostly women - and the way it creates silly rules as to what not to wear (Stacy London, you're one hot chick but you know nothing about personal style). See, I don't like rules, I don't like clones, and I especially do not like other people stating what I can and cannot do with my own self. Like, if you're fat don't wear a bikini. People, when you're fat you kind of HAVE to wear a bikini. Because, if you're anything like me, your upper body will be so much smaller than you lower body, and a bathing suit will either be too small on your bum and crotch, or too loose on your boobs. At least when it comes to bikinis, you can buy separates and get somethig that fits. But no, you're fat, you can't wear anything besides a circus tent.

And the way that fashion industry tends to make people feel like they're fat, jeez, that annoys the hell out of me. I sometimes wonder, how fat am I really, and how thin was I like, ten years ago? Twenty years ago I am aware I was very, very thin, weighing forty something kilos, but ten years ago I considered myself normal, I considered I had a great body, a healthy looking shape. I wore a size 38, 40. But was a size 38, 40 of ten years ago the same as a size 38, 40 nowadays? Let me assure you it wasn't. Just recently, as I was putting clothes away and briging out Spring attire - darn, I'm sick of this weather, I need Spring! - I came across a tweed blazer my mother bought me eleven years ago. It was a size 40 that stood a bit loose on my body, but fitted well enough, the 38 being rather too tight across the chest, if my mind does not deceive me. I picked it up, and in order to chastise myself for not being thin anymore, I decided to try it on, knowing in advance that it would not fit me. I have been wearing a size 44, lately.

Amazingly enough, as soon as I put my (fat, flabby) arms through the sleeves, thinking they wouldn't go through, especially when I was wearing two sweaters, I found myself awed that my arms went through easily enough. The blazer was alright, on me. A size 40. Sure, it didn't close across the chest as it was supposed to - try breastfeeding for 12 months, I'm sure your boobs will double their size; mine trippled. - but I could still lace up the strings and close it, and I felt it looked good on me. A size 40, from La Redoute. Eleven years old. It got me thinking. I have a La Redoute blouse that is a size 46 (!) and it is a tight fit. As tight as that blazer, around the sleeves. So, think about it, have we really all gone fatter, are we really all huge fat cows, or has the fashion industry, by shrinking their sizes, led us to believe we are all overweight and not deemed worthy of wearing what they are selling, leading into self esteem problems, low confidence issues and the pursuit of crazy diets? I can't get my arms inside the size 40s of today. I can't get myself inside today's size 40s. How come I fit into a size 40 eleven years old? Think about it.

The same is true about dietary restrictions. If you care to read labels of certain so called "healthy products" you'll get scared. You will want to stay away from them. It's a fad, and the industry relies on people's numbness of thought and desire to follow the herd in order to sell. I find that this is so relatable to the fashion industry. Follow the herd. I was never very much into that, so I'm always more of a black sheep. I will wear a midi pleated skirt, even if the rules say I shouldn't, I will wear cullotte pants, even if my shape is deemed unnapropriate for them. That's why I always say I am not into fashion, not really. I'm into style. I love style, I love being surprised, taken aback by stylish people. Not people who look like  Zara lookbook, not people who all look the same, despite wearing the latest trends, not people who hit all the right spots when it comes to fashionable dressing, those tend to look - in some cases - very elegant and well attired, but boring as hell and lacking in personality. I like stylish people, who stand out and you don't even know why.

Much like these tiny bundt cakes. I have been obsessing over small cakes like these, only wanting to bake small cakes like these, I don't even know why. I find they look so pretty, and stylish, and edible. They come out really small, really, really tiny, and yet, for me, they fill my cravings for cake. One is enough. And won't cause much harm. I usually eat a slice of cake over the weekend, but I don't crave cake during weekdays. It's a sort of a treat, maybe? Dunno. All I seem to crave lately is fruit, somedays I find myself eating five portions of fruit per day! Maybe that's too much? Fruit seems to fatten me up, some, especially when peach and nectarine season hits town. I always gain weight from eating those, how weird is that? But I love fruit and honestly prefer snacking on a piece of than a slice of cake. Another thing I simple adore is hazelnuts. I like all kinds of nuts, actually, my fave being cashews, but when it comes to cakes, I am all for hazelnuts. Hazelnuts and chocolate, hazelnuts and berries, hazelnuts and yogurt, like these tiny hazelnutters. Yeah, I did call them that. Hazelnutters. Go ahead and laugh, I know I did!

So, to bake these, it takes yogurt. You'll use the empty yogurt pots as measuring cups, too, how practical is that? Less dishes to do, the better, says I. Here's the recipe:
  • two pots natural yogurt
  • two and half pots of light brown sugar
  • two and a half pots of flour
  • one pot of finely ground hazelnuts
  • half a pot of olive oil or any other vegetable oil
  • three eggs
  • one teaspoon vanilla extract
  • two teaspons baking powder
Turn on your oven at 180º. Beat the eggs with the oil and the yogurts until they're mixed well. Gently add the flour, the hazelnuts and the sugar, making sure everything is well blended. Add the balikng powder and finally the vanilla extract, combining well. Pour the batter into the mini bundt cake moulds, or into a large mould if you prefer - I didn't need to line these as they're prepared for it, but if you're using another type of cake mould or tin, do line it with either parchment paper or butter and flour so the cake doesn't stick to the pan - and bake in the oven at 180º for circa twenty minutes. These small moulds take very little time, so be sure you keep a close eye on them. As soon as they're cooked through, allow them to rest on a cooling rack and unmould them as soon as they have lost some of the heat. Dig in once they're cool enough!


  1. Também detesto regras dessas, sentir-me presa a "devias" e "não devias"...é uma tremenda palhaçada!

    Quanto às roupas, de facto acredito nisso, que os tamanhos nas lojas mais comerciais têm vindo a encolher mais e mais...Há determinadas peças na Zara nas quais eu tenho de escolher o 40, o que faz pouquíssimo sentido, acho as peças mal feitas, irrealistas relativamente à proporção corporal e sou defensora de que as lojas deviam ter linhas para diferentes tipos de corpo e não só tamanhos.

    Rock that blazer, mais as saias midi e tudo o resto pah...que sabem eles? Nunca quis ser carneiro anyway.

    Também não sou muito de bolos, apenas um pequenito de vez em quando. Em contrapartida adooooro frutos secos e a fruta das estações quentes que está quase quase a chegar...maças e pêras, embora boas, cansam-me rapidamente! -.-'

    beijinhos, Nádia
    My Fashion Insider

    1. Nem me fales em frutos secos, Nádia maria, que eu perco-me com eles.

  2. bem te entendo, babe! esta semana fui ao "baú" buscar os meus casacos e coletes de ganga de há 15 anos atrás para lavar e voltar a usar agpora na primavera e verão, que pelos vistos nunca mais chega e já me ando a passar, ["que agora está tudo na moda outra vez" ;)] e também me deparei com o facto de que ainda cabia dentro deles, contrariamente a uns que tinha experimentado e cujo tamanho grande servia a uma barbie, vá, porque o S, asseguro-te, que só a alguém com anorexia severa!
    quanto aos teus mini cakes estão absolutamente lindos e certamente deliciosos!
    bom domingo!!

    1. exacto!! Se bem que eu tenho peças bem pequenas guardadas no baú, são tamanhos 32 e 34 e de uma época em que sim, eu sofria de disturbios alimentares. Mas são de tamanhos muito similares aos S das lojas de hoje em dia, tem graça, e naquela época eram XXS...

  3. ah e adorei ver-te de culottes no insta! damn the f******g rules, porque te ficam a matar!

    1. eu tb gosto de me ver, por isso os uso tt, mas o meu puto p exemplo diz que me ficam horrivelmente mal e ele de fashion rules n entende um ai, por isso, acaba mm por ser uma questão de preferências estéticas...

  4. Adorei... Vou experimentar... Que formas usar? Bundt pequeninas? Silicone? Ah... Doces dúvidas :D

    1. Lidia, usei mini bundts de silicone, sim, comprei no Lidl há uns tempos, volta e meia têm.

  5. Escrevi um comentário mesmo fixe e foi-se todo ao ar x)

    Concordo com muita coisa do que dizes e no que toca à Stacy, eu achava que muitas das coisas que ela diziam não faziam muito sentido mas só me bateu isso mesmo no programa dela '' Love, lust or run''. No momento em que se ridicularizava estilos pessoais alternativos fiquei de nariz torcido (especialmente com uma pin up, gonna guess why).
    Isso dos tamanhos que falas também é bem verdade, é ridículo como manipulam as coisas. Números são apenas números e eu tento não me deixar influenciar pela importância que se dá.
    Os bolos são só a coisa mais fofa de sempre, estão no meu top de bolos, ao lado daquele que tinha uma fita vermelha :p

  6. ah o da fita vermelha... são sem dúvida as melhores fotos que já fiz para o blog!!

  7. Por fotos que já vi tuas,no insta, isto é RIDICULO. Vc é tudo menos fat of the land!!! Exagerada pá. Estes dão MM vontade de comer damn...principalmente c o frosting pink

    1. NÉ NÉ NÉ, Sou gorducha, visto um 44, peso 68, 69 kg, e só meço 157 cm. Mas não vai ser por isso que deixo de vestir cenas que eu gosto, mesmo havendo quem ache que me fica mal - tipo o meu puto com as culottes - desde que eu ache que fica bem, bahhh, uso na mesma ehehehh.

    2. vi-te numa foto, a semana passada, com sandálias e saia midi (acho) e não achei que estivesses c peso a mais ou algo parecido. Não vestes um 34, ok, mt bem... Eu tb nao :P mas não és gorda!

    3. sim, saia midi. a saia em particular acho q me torna mais esguia, ontem experimentei um vesto L na Zara e parecia um saco de farinha... ficava-me muito mal, mas suponho q o segredo está em encontrar peças q nos favoreçam, né??

  8. Não imagina o quanto adorei ler este texto! De facto, tudo o que disse é verdade! Então a parte dos fatos de banho (ou melhor, vestidos, calças, macacões - ou seja, quase tudo) passa-se tal e qual comigo!

    Passando a coisas mais doces que a moda atual! Os bolinhos de avelã são mesmo fofinhos! É mesmo caso para dizer que tudo o que é pequenino tem outra graça! :)

    beijinho, Ana


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