Food cravings and food addictions - a tropical fruit salad to keep in with the heat

The weather has been all over the place, quite frankly! The skies are overcast, there's showers when you least expect them, and the heat is atrocious! The kind of weather that quite honestly makes it real hard for me to breathe. I get headaches and clogged nostrils and I'm always clammy, yuck. All I want is fruit, juicy, fresh, ripe, dripping down my arm or my chin when I bite into it. AllI want is cold, cold glasses of milk, or a homemade yogurt, ice coffee, ice tea, sangrias. I want grilled fish and huge salads, all the tomatoes, all the bell peppers, snappy leafed lettuces, and tropical cocktails.

I feel like I'm inhabiting some sort of tropical country - minus the beaches with clear waters and white bright sand! - where it's always humid and hot, and I dream away of wrapping whole fishes inside palm leaves and cooking them over a fire, I dream of cracking open a coconut and pour some rum into it, I dream of reaching out for a just peeled mango and bite that juicy flesh, getting heady on the scent of it alone... I have been craving tropical fruit like a mad woman, so it should come as no surprise that I had to cave in to it...

Just recently I was going on about how I don't get those people who have cravings for sweets, for cakes and desserts and jelly gums and chocolate bars and... you get my point, sugary stuff. I don't get people who when they start cutting down on "bad things" they eat, their biggest fear is how much they will miss sugar. I don't get it because I can go without sweets and sugary foods, without cake and dessert for like, ever! I just don't miss it. I actually thought I felt that way about bread, you know?

Turns out that's not true! There was a time in my life when I didn't eat bread. At all!! I didn't eat much of anything, quite frankly, but I had an easy time giving up the bread when I started giving up on food, back then. But there was actually one thing I am sure I could never give up on, and it isn't even my most favourite food! I can't go without fruit. Lots of fruit! Tons of fruit! Even when I ate next to nothing, I would always eat an apple a day. When I went to Paris with my sister for ten days and we kind of got very low on money, we couldn't afford to buy fruit and I was going completely bonkers! I couldn't go without fruit, really.

And sometimes I have these mad, mad cravings for certain specific types of fruit. It could be strawberries, or blueberries. It can be peaches and plums. Apples and pears. This time it happened to be tropical fruits. I had found myself salivating at the mere thought of tropical fruit for weeks, when I told my husband we needed to stock up on some. I had indulged on some mango, yes, but it only left me pinning for more. I had to get my fill, I thought, or go slightly mad for the craving! So we settled on a tropical fruit salad, one that hit all the spots and left me feeling quite satisfied!!

It's such a simple, simple thing to do, this salad! And pairing it up with a homemade yogurt (recipe here) for a refreshing afternoon snack was like the proverbial cherry on top!! So you'll need:
  • 2 ripe mangos
  • 1 ripe papaya
  • 1 ripe pawpaw (this is different from the papaya, whose skin is yellow and the flesh is orange, the pawpaw is also a type of papaya but the skin is green and it's usually bigger, and the flesh has a lighter orange hue, a bit on the pink side)
  • rum
Peel and dice all the fruits into a bowl. Drizzle just a bit of rum over it and mix well. Refrigerate for at least half an hour before serving. Add some yogurt, if you want, but it's also pretty good eaten by itself!! It's quite refreshing and sweet, actually.


  1. What a great salad!!

  2. Miranda,
    Nem imaginas o quanto me identifico com este post, pois embora adore fazer bolos e doces, pela parte estética e prazer que me dá fazê-los, passo bem e completamente sem eles.
    Pão NÃO!!!! Tiram-me o pão, tiram-me a alegria de viver, lol.
    Costumo dizer que para uma ilha deserta, levava pão (muito pão), ovos e bacon, lol.
    Também adoro fruta, especialmente a exótica, colorida e cheia de sabor. Fruta tipo, maçãs e pêras, gosto, mas sabes... fruta que não tenha muita cor, não é tão apelativa para mim e daí ser uma taradinha por todo o tipo de chery and berry and relatives...
    Linda a tua salada e colorida, como se quer num Verão de sol e calor, mesmo que com dias mais ferrugentos.
    Um beijinho e bom fim de semana,

    1. mesmo, tiram-me o pão e tiram-me a alegria de viver!!! Mas tiram-me a fruta e tiram-me tudo, lol, literalmente, que eu não encontro nada mais simples, práctico, saboroso e saudável para os meus snacks da manhã e da tarde!!

  3. Que delícia :)
    Beijinhos e bom fim de semana ...
    Guloso qb

  4. Se me tiram o pão tiram-me a vida. hahahha agora a sério, se me tiram o pão, tiram-me a vida.

    enough said

    Amo fazer doces, bolos, bolachas... Mas comer.. COMER é salgados e pão, mt pão, todos os dias!

    1. Pois, o pão comigo tb é aquela coisa, apesar de tentar só coemr uma fatiazinha de pão por dia, chega ao fim de semana e é para esquecer ahahahaha!! Venha o pãoooooo!

  5. simples, deliciosa, refrescante e mesmo linda! que salada boa!!! e pãozinho...muito...sempre...e dos teus então....


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