Oven roasting in the Summer heat - a salmon dish to keep you fresh

Stupid as it may seem, I've been turning on my oven a lot, despite the heat. Dunno what gets into me, but I have been craving roast tomatoes like a mad woman, and I am indulging in that crave as much as I can. I normally love roast vegetables of any sort - potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, squashes, courgette, tomatoes, onions, garlic, you name it - and I am not averse to smacking a tray loaded with these goodies in the oven and then have the veggies thrown in a salad.

But I am also a huge fan of oven roasted fish, and salmon tends to be king when it comes to it. I could go for any fish, really, just toss it in some olive oil, dill, chives, lemon, salt and pepper and roast, I'm happy with that, but sadly, husband does not care for roast fish unless it's salmon or salted cod, so... I go for salmon more often than not because cod tends to beg for huge amounts of olive oil and I tend to gag at huge amounts of olive oil!

I'll tell you honestly, this dish has been repeated plenty of times around this place lately, it is so easy and so good, and to me this kind of sounds like Summer, you know? A good chunk of salmon, a couple of cloves of garlic - well, not just a couple but a ton! - ripe tomatoes and that's dinner ready for you. Something light, something easy and that will let you feeling comforted but not heavy nor drowsy like those Fall and Winter roasts that tend to be a staple here at my home. I do tend to eat a lot of roasts, any time of the year, I notice now! But it's so easy and convenient and fulfilling!

For this pretty dish I used:
  • half one salmon, minus the head - medium sized
  • 350 gr cherry tomatoes
  • a couple of small, young onions
  • half a bulb of garlic
  • a small bunch of fresh chives or a sprinkle of dried
  • salt, pepper, dill, lemon zest, dried parsley, olive oil - to taste
Start by turning on your oven at 180º. Clean the fish and pat it dry with a paper towel, then fill the belly with lemon zest, dill, chives, salt and pepper. You can add a couple of thinly sliced garlic cloves as well. Pour some olive oil onto a baking dish and scatter your tomatoes around, seasoning them with salt and pepper - and if you like it, you can add dried oregano - and toss them around so they get coated with the olive oil. Smash your garlic cloves and do the same. Chop your onions into quarters and repeat the process. Then clear a space in the middle and place the fish there, drizzling the top of it with olive oil. Now season with the parsley, the dill, the salt and pepper, more lemon zest and smack it in the oven until the skin is crisp. Don't over do the fish, as it tends to get dry and unnapetizing. Enjoy with a bottle of good white wine!


  1. Que aspecto!!! Adoro pratos no forno, e curiosamente no Verão são os que me apetecem mais, combinados com saladas! Deve ser do crocante.

    1. Não tinha pensado nisso, mas faz sentido: deve mesmo ser do crocante!!


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