Vacay mode fully on - the last cake before I take off

I'm just days away from taking off for my Summer hols, and I am already in full vacation mode. Haven't been doing much of anything except for daily rounds of social media, really, and a daily dosis of light exercise. Apart from that, I've watched an uncaany amount of trash TV and trashy made for TV films. Light entertainment, you know, like those Aurora Teagarden films - obsessed! - that lull my brain into peace and resting mode, something I actually need a lot.

Haven't been cooking much, either, well, nothing too bothersome, salads and light roasts and quick dinners, because I actually can't be bothered, you know? I have come to that moment in every year where I am soooo tired of my normal chores and daily routines I long for holidays, and cannot be bothered with making an effort at all! So, I choose to not make any sort of efforts, I simply laze all day, I rest my body and my head. The only thing I actively make an effort of is at least half an hour exercise on my stepper, watching crappy TV, of course. Even the brain needs to be dulled, sometimes, and I know mine does, active as it normally is.

I haven't written a word on my novels, although I have opened the files religiously everyday. I haven't done any research, either. My brain simply isn't working, too tired, too burned out, in need of rest.  I do intend to do actively nothing this whole month of August, except lazying it out at the beach, go for walks and bike rides, car trips and market visits, eat good food and read and day dream. Prepare my rentrée, in a nutshell, and hope to return full of energy and rested. I plan on that, let's hope it works.

I also did manage to finally edit a few pics I had laying around on a to-do folder on my desktop, and I have amassed a healthy number of photos and recipes to share come September, when I'm back, but apart from that I haven't even photographed for the blog this whole week! Because I haven't been happy with the work I'm doing here, lately. Ilook at the latest posts and I cringe, and the quality of my work seems to be regressing instead of evolving, you know? It's always the same old, same old, nothing looks quite good enough, and I still cannot manage light properly. I seem to be unable to get better at it, I only keep getting worse. And that's when I know I really need a break, when everything I do seems to be done on automatic mode, no fire whatsoever in it. So off I go into resting mode and choose to do nothing at all, really. I deserve it, actually.

 I did manage to joist up this cake whose recipe I pinched from Filipa Gomes' cooking show "Prato do Dia". My son loves that show, so we end up watching the re-runs and getting inspired by some dishes. This coconut, lemon and poppy seed cake immediately caught my eye, because I happened to have all the ingredients lying around waiting for me. So I managed to get off from the couch and bake the darn thing, and style it some and shoot lousy pics and now here is the recipe, which, despite these images, does make for a deliciously good cake!
  • 150 gr butter room temp.
  • 180 gr sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • zest of 1 lemon
  • 100 gr shredded coconut flakes
  • 220 gr flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 200 ml milk
  • 1 tbsp poppy seeds
Turn on the oven at 180º and grease a pan, laying a sheet of parchement paper inside it. Cream the sugar and butter until fluffy and pale, and add the ges, the zest and then half the flour and coconut. Mix well and once it's combined, add the poppy seeds, the milk and the rest of the flour and coconut. Mix until all's blended together, pour into the pan and bake for about 25 minutes. Keep checking with a skewer, as it may take longer. Once it's cooked, let it cool slightly before unmoulding it and serve cold, with a tall glass of milk!


  1. Faço este bolo muitas vezes :p Fico contente de saber que a minha preguiçite e cansaço assiste pessoas trabalhadoras como tu x) Boas fériaaaas!

    1. lol, não sou lá mto trabalhadora, Inês!!

  2. Olá Ruth! Como adoro vir cá espreitar o teu blog :) Este bolo é maravilhoso, também o faço com a receita da Filipa. Com umas alterações (farinha integral e menos açucar) consigo um bolo fit ideal para aqueles dias de gula intensa :P Beijinho, boas férias e bom descanso :)


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