A neglected blog and a Mac 'n' Cheese recipe to compensate

I fear that I have been neglecting this blog very much so, lately! Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea massima culpa, but September was not easy, and October started busy. I have been relying heavily on shoots I did a while back, recipes I cooked a while back, to keep posting and updating the blog, hardly having much time for editing photos I took all through last month. I have also been relying on the old staples for cooking, and haven't deemed as worthy of photographing many of the dishes I have laid on the table.

I did bake a delectable apple pie and managed to style it and shoot it and edit it in a couple of hours, but the truth is I had thought up that recipe a week before I baked it, I had thought up the styling days before I shot it, and editing was a breeze. What really took me longer was writing the post, because my mind has been voided of words lately, and this blog managed to suffer from it almost as much as my novel did! Boy, I did not get any writing done last month that was worth saving! Not even for the blog. But as soon as October kicked in, my head buzzed with ideas, new recipes, new stylings, new writings, new everything. Even my personal style seemed to suffer an uplift!

Sure, October is my month, my birthday just around the corner, but usually September is very productive when it comes to me. I always get a lot done, even through the hassles and the worries, I am like the proverbial little ant, putting away goodies in September that might last me through the next months, so to speak. I tend to lag in October, a little bit, I tend to indulge in me time, sitting around doing my nails and watching horror movies, or trying out outfits for Fall, or reading old soppy novels I wrote just for the amusement. I especially excel in sitting at my laptop listening to Summoning all day long. Because it's my month and I do deserve a lot of Summoning.

But not this year!! Well, I must confess I did see a couple of horror movies, but it was still September, and I did indulge in my daily dosis of Summoning - along with a healthy dosis of Ville Valo singing "Lusifer" and "Don't fear the reaper", which happen to be my October songs! - and I did do my nails because I like doing my nails, while watchin AHS. But! After weeks of feeling like I had hit a wall on my novel, where every line was a struggle, every sentence a battle, my brain numb and dormant, these last couple of days have seen me giving in to a surge of inspiration that has had me tied to the chair doing nothing but writing chapter after chapter of good, solid writing (that is, until I go and re-read it all and find out it sucks!).

So, because of that this poor blog has been neglected to the point of near abandonment! I'm not good at marketing myself and my work, that is a fact, but I usually go out into facebook groups and divulge my posts, I am fairly active on instagram and Pinterest, and on Bloglovin' as well. But this past week, it was as if the blog didn't even exist, you know? I simply could not be pulled away from the novel, so I did no sharing of my posts whatsoever, I almost didn't visit other blogs, I haven't been very regular on Instagram, all because my head's been reeling with things to put down and write. I hadn't even moved these images from my camera to my laptop, let alone edit them!! I had to do it this morning, at a time when I usually already have a blog post being published! But that's life, for ya!

Still, better late than never, and this salmon mac 'n' cheese comes from my hatred for wastage. It uses salmon heads, which most people discard, but we don't, and it uses them up in a way that is so delicious you won't be able to resist. Here's how you do it:
  • two medium sized salmon heads, cooked and disassembled
  • one onion
  • half a leek
  • olive oil
  • two cloves of garlic
  • one portion of béchamel sauce (you can find it here)
  • 160 gr grated cheese (I used flemish cheese)
  • one tsp mustard
  • dill, salt. pepper to taste
  • 500 gr macaroni pasta
On a pot, bring water to the boil and cook your macaroni. Sauté the veg on a pan with a little olive oil and reserve. Cook the béchamel and add the veg, the dill, the mustard, cheese, salt and pepper to it, stirring all together. Now add the fish, and envolve. Once the pasta is cooked, drain and add it to the previous mix of béchamel and fish. Pour onto a large oven dish, sprinkle with some freshly grated cheese or breadcrumbs and bake it in the oven until it's bubbling and the top looks crunchy and colourful. Serve with a good, chilled white wine and that's a slice of heaven in the form of comfort food for you. Also, it helps eliminate wastage, and that's gotta be a good thing!!


  1. É um prato que adoro :)
    Adoro massa e queijo por isso a combinação acaba por ser perfeita para mim!
    Ficou com óptimo aspecto!
    Um beijinho

    1. Eu não era grande fã, mas esta versão com salmão conquistou-me!


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