One last recipe before packing up - vacation time is coming and I couldn't be happier

This will be my last recipe before we take off for our hols. I honestly can't wait to hit the road and unwind, relax. At least I hope I manage to relax, because being a bit of a workaholic where it comes to my writing, I tend to drag work with me anywhere I go - even if it's only in my head! Still, I will do my best at easing the workload, though there might be a few bouts of writing and an atempt at finishing off the first edits on my soon to be published sequel to Preternatural. But I intend to take it easy, that I do.

I'm actually feeling tired and depleted, this year, in need of rest. I've worked so hard, these past months, even if I got nothing much to show for it. I've tried my best at keeping up good content on this blog, despite the fewer and fewer visits it keeps getting and the lack of feedback, I've tried to keep up with reading and commenting other blogs, encouraging other bloggers with their work, and that has depleted me, because I always end up feeling like I give so much of myself and get nothing back. It's emotionally overtaxing and one ends up feeling like one is invisible.

I have also struggled with marketing and publicising my books, putting them out there and trying to raise interest in them, and in this I always fail miserably. It goes so much against my grain I end up feeling physically sick for doing it, but alas! how is anyone gonna find out my books if I don't push them? It's contradictory at best, I want people to read my novels and enjoy them and give me some feedback, I shy away from pushing said books and asking for reviews. Because when it comes to Amazon, your books don't get read if you ain't got no reviews, know what I mean? 

Aside all that, I also struggle with my own mind and sense of self worth: there's a constant battle in my head between me thinking I'm super good and my books are all the rave and I should be there along the Sarah J. Maas's and the Cassandra Clare's of the world, and me thinking I'm crap and my stories are all crap and my writing is so bad it should be burnt at the stake. This is just as taxing as all the rest, and it is the one thing that never leaves my mind. That and the coming up with new stories.

So yes, yes, yes, I am in need of relaxation and rest, carelessness and sleep, beach days and barbecues, sangria and cold beer, salads and ripe fruit. I need to get my feet in the sand and the water, I need to feel the salty tang of the ocean, I need the ease of Summer mornings when on holiday, no rush, no worries, just plain sailing. I also need the comfort and homeliness of good, homebaked breads, so I am sure to be packing one fresh baked loaf to take with us for our breakfasts. And I'm sure I'll be baking a few soda breads out there.

This particular soda bread is one I have baked on repeat quite a few times. It plays on a combination of chocolate and nuts, so it's addictive enough and filling enough. Also, it helps when those chocolate cravings start coming in - PMT much? or is it only me?? I have baked it with chocolate and hazelnuts, chocolate and walnuts, but this one particular version stole the show. I had a few doubts I would like it as much as the two previous ones, but it ended up surprising the shit out of me and became my favourite so far. Wanna try?

Here's what you'll need for it:
  • 200 gr strong bread flour
  • 100 gr oatmeal
  • 50 gr rye flour
  • 50 gr white corn flour
  • 1 tsp soda bicarbonate
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 egg, large
  • 300 ml buttermilk or yogurt with a few drops of balsamic vinegar and a few drops of coffee
  • a handfull of coarsely chopped peanuts
  • half a cup of chocolate, coarsely chopped
Pre-heat the oven at 190º. Place all the dry ingredients on a bowl, add the peanuts and the chocolate and mix thoroughly together with the help of a fork so all the dry ingredients combine. In a separate bowl whisk the egg and the into the buttermilk/yogurt  and coffee mix, and then stir the liquids into the drys with the help of a fork. Once it starts to bind, pour onto a floured surface. Using your lightly floured hands, pat the dough and bring together without kneading it, forming a rounded ball, and move to a baking tray covered in a sheet of baking parchement that has been floured. Use your hands to flatten the dough only slightly into a disk. Scour the top with a knife into any design you may fancy. Bake in a ventilated oven for about 40 to 45 minutes, allow to cool over a rack, and enjoy with when it's still warm. The chocolate slightly melting in the dough will have your toes curling and your lips smiling out of joy.


  1. That looks fantastic! Soda breads are so comforting. And yes, vacations are definitely needed.

  2. chocolate e nozes? om nom nom que delícia que deve ser.
    eu sou uma das culpadas que agora não tem tempo para a blogsfera, shame! *inserir senhora do Game of thrones com o sino*

    Anyway, passa umas excelentes férias :)

  3. Yey for your vacations!!! For the books and all the thinking - happen to all offs all the time. I realised that wheneverIdo not sleep long enough, I start to doubt myself. So now I sleep long :)

    1. I wish I could sleep long, usually I sleep five to six hours on a good night, but normally four hours sleep is what I tend to get...

  4. Acho que esta cena dos blogs tá meia complicada, vejo algumas pessoas a queixarem-se. É uma questão de plataformas, agora tá tudo no Insta não tá? Apesar de ser um bom complemento, acho que para ti, algo com espaço para escrever é essencial...
    Quanto aos teus livros, quando descobrires como publicitar as tuas obras ensina-me os truques, eu também não sei fazer isso com as minhas coisas aiiiii!

    1. acho q nunca vou saber como publicitar-me e ao meu trabalho pq é algo q me deixa fisicamente doente mesmo. Mas a bem dizer muita gente - muita gente mesmo - sabe que eu tenho pelo menos 3 livros publicados, se n compram é tão somente p falta de interesse, independentemente de tudo o q me possam dizer loool

  5. hope you have an amazing, restorative vacation! i know some people only want chocolate when they're pms-ing, but well, i want it all the time lol. there are some free facebook blogging groups that are super helpful (in terms of sharing content, learning more about photography, etc etc). let me know if you want me to send you the names of the few that i'm in!

  6. This recipe looks gorgeous and YEAHHH for holidays. As for the books maybe some time away to unwind will give you a fresh perspective. Wishing you a fantastic time off.

    1. problem is I am never away from my books ahahahaahahh, I travek everywhere with them. Oh well, it is what it is where it comes to marketing my own work: I always cringe from it, even though deep down I actually believe my stories are good and my writing is good.
      Thank you, Kimberly xxx


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