A speeding week and a warm stew - how to make the most of the cold days and nights

This week has disastrously sped by! I say disastrously because I had expected to have tackled quite a few to do things on my ever growing list, and it feels like nothing has been done. Aside from exercising, it feels like everything else only keeps piling up day after day and I can't make head nor tails of it. It was monday morning just minutes ago and kiddo was poorly so had t stay home from school, now it's already friday, weekend's just there, another busy one, and all I had planned on doing this week has gone down the drain. I blame monday and a stay at home child for that. It all went south of wherever this past monday, as I couldn't do quite what I had intended to.

Strangely enough, if there was one thing I managed to achieve this week, aside from exercising, that is, was styling and photographing a few dishes for the blog. And getting them edited. I also blame monday and the not going to schoo because my tummy is weird kiddo for that. So there is a silver lining to it all, in the end. It's just that I wanted to have book four out of the way and ready for publishing in December by the end of this week so I could devote myself to writing the novel I'm currently working on. The story has come to a standstill, and I have taken advantage of the time off to sort it out in my head, trying to figure out where to take it and how to take it there, so there's another silver lining here. But my fingers ache for the writing, and tackling "Commoner" has been rougher than I expected. I just find it such a sad book, don't know why. Maybe it's only because I know I'm saying goodbye to those characters wh have been part of me for so long, maybe it is a sad story, I really don't know. AllI know is I find it sad.

But at least the weather has been cool and windy, begging for warmer clothes and piping hot teas, wooly throws over my legs as I sit and work, gloves in the early morning for the school run and a scarf around my neck late in the afternoon. It also begs for warm, comforting dishes, one pot dishes, the thing I love the most, where I get to throw it all inside a huge pan and let it simmer away, bubbling gently over the stove like the proverbial witch's cauldron. It was not on a whim I opted for the alias of Kitchen Witch Miranda, honestly. I do like to throw my magic around in the kitchen and come up with heart warming and nutritious food, dishes that speak about my origins and who I am, where I come from, food that goes hunting down the traditions of my own country and of my upbringing, simple food, yes, but packed full of goodies, food that puts a smile on your lips as you eat, and warmth in your heart because it is made with love and care. This dish is just one such. A heartwarming, belly filling stew that goes into one pan and does it's thing by itself.

It is a dish that speaks of my childhood and what my father cooked us on a sunday for lunch during the winter months, when it was cold outside. It's a bean stew with good portuguese chouriço and a load full of veggies. This is how I make it:
  • 1 can of white beans 
  • 3 medium sized carrots
  • 2 onions
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 can of tomato
  • 1/2 cup tomato passata
  • 1 cup red wine
  • half a pack of frozen spinach leaves
  • salt and pepper to taste, as well as herbes de provence for flavouring
Chop the onions, carrots and the chouriço and fry them on a large pan over medium heat with a very small glug of olive oil. Add the garlic and stir fry for a couple more minutes. Throw in the splash of red wine, the can of tomatoes and the passata. Bring to a boil, and then add the frozen spinach. Lower the heat, season well and let it simmer away until the carrots are tender. Add the can of beans and bring again to a boil, lower the heat, check the seasoning and adjust. Allow to cook for about ten more minutes, and serve hot with a slice of crusty bread so you can mop around the juices. Enjoywith a glass of red wine on a cold friday night, you'll feel as if a warm hug was thrown all over you!


  1. Olá!!!

    Se tens Facebook, queres dar a conhecer o teu blogue a mais pessoas e conhecer outras tantas, adere:


    Beijinhos, Diana.

  2. que bom e parece tão fácil de fazer!!
    Gosto muito da última foto, com a pinha mais escura e a claridade do tecido, que jogo de cores e luz bonito!

  3. Olá minha doce,
    em primeiro lugar espero que o teu pequeno já esteja melhor...
    Depois..há lá melhor que a nossa comidinha portuguesa e uma bela de uma feijoada?! nop. não há! Para mim é claramente o expoente máximo no que toca a confort food. Feijoadas, sopas de feijão, tudo quanto leve feijão é aconchegante, aquece a alma e o corpo, e eu fico muito mais feliz depois de comer um belo de um pratinho de feijão. Ah sim. fico outra. Felizmente que os dias frios chegaram para me poder deliciar de comidinhas destas. De feijões e chá. Acho que conseguia viver de feijões e chá. Ah e pão, obviamente. Não pode faltar pão. :)

    Beijinhos bruxinha mais linda do planeta

    1. pois, o pão é sem dúvida a minha perdição, não pode mm faltar!!!

  4. This dish looks so nourishing and savory, just the thing for a crazy week like you've had. :-)

  5. Am glad it's nt just me who feels that time is running away with itself! It's almost Christmas, how crazy is that! And you're doing better than I am as my exercising regime is suffering big time.
    Love this recipe though. Time well spent putting it together
    Thanks for sharing

    1. It's insane!! My son is already talking Christmas presents and decors! Ah, this recipe minus the chouriço would be right up your alley, I think!!


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