An orange-y jam for January's woes and Marta's table

I'm still having it rough with January, still feeling at my wits' end as to how I can achieve certain goals or get myself where I want to be. Bar everything I have so far been doing, the only other options available include a financial investment I frankly cannot afford. Thus the constant feeling of worthlessness that keeps pushing me down, and the costant wish to give it all up and shut myself off from the world completely. But I won't say more on this subject, as in the end, it always tends to get certain people to misunderstand my words and turn them around so they mean the exact opposite from what I meant them to. I am rather tired of that, as well, people who pick on anything I say or do and subvert it all just so they can shame me into... what? I have yet to discover. Truth is, and I will say it again, I do have a knack to attract into my life very toxic individuals and psychic vampires.

So in order to pull away from this state of mind, I am turning part of my energies into something I loooove taking part of, which is Kimberly's seasonal Instagram Photo Challenge. It is about to take off this upcoming Sunday, and since we have ben briefed in advance as to the themes, I already did a lot of work on this. It felt quite good and refreshing, taking my mind away from other, more mundane worries, and even though I struggled - and am still struggling - with some of the themes, I am quite, quite happy with some of the results so far and cannot seriously wait to share the images with my fellow participants. Plus, I always find so many new amazingly talented people on these challenges! Love being part of that community, and it has taught me quite a bit on food photography - what works and doesn't work for me, what is my style, what is my personal voice - and has also pulled me out of certain comfort zones, forcing me to be a bit more adventurous, even if I fail short of what I wanted. So, I cannot wait for it and for beig inspired by all the other creatives.

 I'm also hapy to take part once more of Marta's January Table, where the ingredient of the month is the delightful Winter fruit for me, the orange. I love oranges, and tend to gobble them down - as well as mandarines and tangerines - once they are in season. I also like using oranges in a wide array of dishes, and it is not unusual to see me adding orange zest to my cous cous, or roasting oranges with duck and pork, even marinating my chicken in orange juice and peel. And when poaching pears in red or white wine, you bet you're gonna find an orange, sectioned into quarters and pricked with cloves inside it. I do drink the wine after taking out the pears, it is one of my fave ways of making mulled wine, there'll be all this orange-y perfume infused into it. I also am a huge fan of good old British orange marmalade - the sourest the better! - although I don't make it. What I did make was an orange and pumpkin jam that knocked the socks out of me.

Here's how you go about it:
  • 500 gr clean pumpkin
  • 400 gr sugar
  • 2 large oranges - juice and a bit of zest
  • 1 dl water
  • pinch of cinnamon 
Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, after peeling it. Mix the sugar with the water inside a pan and let it boil for about three minutes. Bring it out of the heat and add the pumpkin and the orange juice along with the zest. Stir everything together and take it back to the stove. Bring to a boil and turn the heat down, allowing the mix to simmer gently until it reaches a pint between thickening and forming threads. Take it off the heat and pour into jars. Once it's cooled down some, lid the jars and store inside a dark, dry place.


  1. It's great that you take part in interesting projects. I do it as well and it's very refreshing. I made this rainbow week this week and I have to make something simple but in colour and it made me feel very good.

    1. It is refreshing and helps me keep up my sanity or I'll be climbing the walls talking to my characters ahahahah
      thank you for always visiting!

    2. The sanity part agrees in my situation as well. Too many things to do and it's nice to concentrate on something and zone out from all the other obligations.

  2. Looks lovely dear. Looking forward to seeing your photos for the photo challenge!

  3. Now when people talk about their struggles or concerns, I have the annoying habit of wanting to make things better and fix the problem. Please forgive me. So, on that note, I'm currently reading ''I am a badass at making money''. I can recommend it.
    As for your challenge entries, so, so so lovely to hear your though process here. Thank you as always for contributing your unique, personal images. I'm delighted to have you on board again and I can't wait to see what you come up with for next week's theme.
    And finally, this looks DELICIOUS.

    1. it's not annoying at all, it's rather sweet ;) will check it out. I can vouch for this jam, it is reaaally good! Thank you for your words amd enocuragement, truly.

  4. Olá minha bruxinha mai linda.
    Fiquei muito contente de ler que estás super entusiasmada com o desafio da Kimberly! que bom mesmo. Tens mesmo de te animar e fazer coisas que te deixam feliz e te sabem bem... boa. boa mesmo.
    E já sabes que me deixas sempre de coração cheio por fazeres questão de marcares presença na minha rubrica... adoro tu :)
    Como sabes não sou grande apreciadora das compotas amargas, e por isso apresentei aquela versão no meu blog.. e calculo que também fosse gostar desta :)

    Beijoca enorme minha querida

    1. acho que ias gostar mesmo muito desta eheheh, super docinha!!


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