A missing blogpost and a cocktail - why am I so demanding on myself?

There was no blog post last week, as you may have noticed (if anyone even did notice at all eheh). For the first time in like ever - aside from when I'm away on summer vaycay, that is - I didn't post at least once a week. And I felt like a failure. I felt like I was letting people down. I felt like I didn't even deserve to exist, let alone run a food blog, if I failed to post at least a recipe per week. The fact is, and ugly as it may be, NO ONE CARES. Like, so what if I don't post that regularly, who's gonna care about it, who's it gonna hurt?

Well, apparently me. I'm the one who's being let down, in the end, as I have this vision of myself where I need to be able to get a certain amount of things done per week, lest I am hit with some sort of terrible curse that will destroy me - like, OCD much? - or cripple me. One of them, of course, is posting a recipe a week. That means I need to have developed said recipe, cooked the dish, photographed the set, edited the pictures, and written the post. Once a week. Which is not much, frankly, there's a world of food bloggers doing this DAILY! How come I failed? I kept beating myself up for having failed. I didn't sleep because of that, last friday night. That's how sad I am, lol.

But the truth is, this blog is more and more of a hobby each day, a place to vent off certain frustrations and stuff that's on my mind, a place where I can just let go and be me, with good food thrown in because I happen to like food and photographing it. It's not going to be a profession, ever, a bread winner for me. It's just a diary of sorts, a journal, a way to keep up and keep sane. Because right now being a writer is what actually brings a bit of money in. So it's only natural I tend to focus a lot more on that, and this month it has been hectic. I began writing another novella and next time I looked, it had turned into a trilogy of novellas, and have been focusing mainly on this.

So, yeah, I didn't have time to style and shoot the food I was cooking all these weeks, although we had some rather delicious treats as well. Writing "SCARS" was taxing, but fast. Writing its sequel has been heartwrenching so far, but so satisfying. My mis occupied solely with this, no space left for other stuff. I've been promoting my novels like mad, also. Or trying to. Food blogging took a huge step back in my to do list, and last week it didn't even come into it. But the truth is, I love styling shots, and I missed it. So last weekend, and after a rather tiresome week, I was in need of a wee cocktail, something refreshing and sweet just to ease myself into a bit of a relaxing mood. This was it.

Bear in mind I did this with what I had in the house, and I happened to have a very portuguese liqueur, it's called Licor Beirão (and this is NOT a sponsored post, btw, #ipayformyownshit), so I used it in this refreshing mix that hit all the right spots! You'll need:
  • 2 measures Licor Beirão
  • 1 and a half measures lemon juice
  • a thick - like, very thick! - slice of lemon chopped into rough bits
  • 1 tsp dark muscovado sugar
  • two to three mint leaves + for garnishing
  • ice
Start by crushing the lemon with sugar, mint and a bit of ice. Add the lemon juice and stir. Pour in the liqueur, mix well, add a couple of ice cubes and the mint. Enjoy. Simple, right?


  1. Love anything with mint and lemon 😊. Don’t beat yourself up about missing one post.

    1. I know, why do I do this to myself? Yeah, mint and lemon are like perfect weddings, and even more than in a drink, I like it in chicken!!! Lemon, mint and ginger chicken is paradise!!

    2. Yes. Also love lemon and butter on salmon 😋.


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