Summer living and the art of taking it easy - popsicles to keep your cool

Let's keep this one nice and short, shall we? I'm about a week away from leaving on hols, Mercury is retrograde (yay!! My mojo is back!), tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher, which we have avoided so far here in sunny Portugal, contrary to Northern Europe (but no, there's no global warming at all), and I'm spreading myself too thin, as I always do. Sometimes I just really want to take a break, sit down on my couch, laze and do absolutely nothing worth while at all. No work at all. I have been avoiding this mood, or giving in to this mood, but truth be said, I haven't managed much work either.

Summer break is always hard, there's a bored kiddo in the house complaining of nothing interesting to do, and I end up taking breaks here and there to go for long walks with him, which, honestly, are very good for me, as I spend so much time seated I no longer know how to walk. But so far, I've been able to cram in most of what I feel I need to do. I have been writing in the morning, and if some days the word count is ridiculously low, others it turns out to be pretty high, so all good there. The story needs a bit of a breakthrough, there are still some issues I need to polish, but so far, it's coming along nicely to its finish. I am very happy with my Mordred, as I am with Arthur. Merlin too, I think I managed to give him the layers I wanted, and Morgan is also turning very good. I just have a bit of an issue with certain other characters, but will get to it. Will get closure for them all. The afternoons I've been using to polish and edit older work, and that's going fine too.

And I have managed to keep up with my exercise routine, both mornings and afternoons, along with the daily walks, so I got that covered too. Sure, I don't have my day as well structured as when the kiddo is at school, but I make do. I've even managed to snag a few shoots for the blog and cook a few yummy bites that are deserving of being shared here. Nights are for reading and resting, hanging with husband and son on the couch, lazying about with a good book, or reading with the kid before he turns in. So all in all, not too bad. I shouldn't put myself down so much. After all, I have been doing most of what I set myself to do, first place. It's not like I'm absolutely giving up on everything. But I do intend on taking it slow once I'm on vacation, depending on the weather, of course. I'm in sore need of lying on the beach soaking up the sun, walking down the shore, taking strolls at sunset with all the ease of Summer time. And popsicles. I'm in need of popsicles.

Like these easy and very yummy ones, that use only about three or four ingredients. They're quick to put together, you only have to wait for them to freeze, and are such a treat on a very hot day! I did use homemade yogurt, but hey, store bought will do the trick nicely, even yogurt that is vegan will do. So here's how:
  • two natural yogurts
  • about 50 grs dark chocolate
  • one cup of frozen cassis
  • honey, if you want to sweeten it - but you can use sugar too!
On a bowl, whisk together the honey and yogurt as well as you can. Add the chocolate, coarsely chopped, and the cassis. Stir. Pour on the popsicle moulds and freeze. Eat. Repeat. Enjoy! Kiddo helped develop this recipe, so it was only fair I had him as a model, don't you think?


  1. Great way to deal with the heat! Hope your kid's boredom passes and wishing you a FAB holiday.
    Hugs, Kimberly

    1. I think my kid was born bored!!! Thank you!

  2. Those popsicles look SO good, even if it is winter here. :-) I commiserate with your "spread too thin" feelings, and took some time this morning to acknowledge them and figure out ways to make things a bit easier.

  3. I’m going to try those popsicles when it gets to summer in Oz. I hope you enjoy your vacation. You deserve the break, Ruth!


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