Bread addictions and a Rye Soda Bread to quench the need for a bready fix

I have stated here plenty of times how much I adore bread. Bread is my downfall, actually, it's my faved thing to eat, to smell, to look at. If I ever were to start on a diet that severely restricted my bread intake, I would be miserable, and it would have to be a life saving kind of diet for me to stick to it, you know? Like, don't take away my bread! I will become some sort of raving wild beast, if my bread is taken from me.

Putting it like this, it may sound as if I am always munching away on a piece of bread, which is actually not the case. Usually my bread intake is a slice every morning with my breakfast. Somedays - weekends, mostly, or Friday evenings if we are having a crazy dinner like my son calls it - I may indulge in a bit more than just that one slice in the morning, especially if there's fresh, out of the oven bread. See, nothing beats that warm slice of fresh bread, with the butter slightly melting over it...

Because I always have bread for breakfast, I do require some strong, filling bread. None of that white bread and baguette and bijoux my husband and our boy thrive on for me. I need a multigrain, multi flour, filled with nuts and dried fruits bread. SOmetimes I do break my habit and go for cornbread, which I haven't baked in quite a while actually, but I do confess it's not as fulfilling as my regular bread. I prefer a bread that looks rustic, tastes rustic. A bread that quickstarts my imagination, making me want to create vignettes and photograph it.

I am also a huge fan of soda bread, and I do indulge in it plenty of times, all year round, because quite frankly, it's so easy to bake, and it's a lot more filling than cornbread. And the taste is to die for, especially with a dab of lemon curd over it. I do like my soda bread, like I keep saying I must have an Italian mamma and a an Irish witch living inside of me... soda breads, with their rustic look, make me think of village pubs, cold afternoons sitting by the fire, a chunk of bread and a slice of cheese at the ready to nib on, a pitcher of ale to wash it down - and I don't even like ale, but see where my imagination takes me?

I never baked the soda breads, myself. Like all the rest of the bread - except for cornbread, that is, which I do make it myself - it is my husband's territory, mostly because I have this thing with touching the dough, particularly when it's gooey, and soda bread does make for such a gooey dough! So I never did bake one myself, until this day. There's gotta be a first for everything, and one year ago I did say I was going to start working with doughs and overcoming this thing I have with them...

Because things have been so, so hectic around here lately, and my husband barely has time to breathe, let alone bake tons of breads every weekend, I decided it was high time I stepped in and lend a little hand on this bread making thing, and bake my own bread so he could have a little more free time and not be so thinly stretched over everything. So very recently, after I had browsed around one of Jamie Oliver's soda bread recipes, I decided it was my turn to go and try one.

Despite this recipe being based on Jamie Oliver's rye soda bread, I ended up tweaking it a little - or a lot, actually! - mainly because I did not have exactly what was called for, or in the same precise quantity as the original recipe asked for. So I threw in what I had, you know, and it so happens this is the best soda bread I have ever tried. It's so good I'm on my third batch, and even my husband and our boy liked it, and they're not keen on regular soda bread! It's moist, and moore-ish, and it will last a whole week without hardening or going stale.

So without further ado, here's my take on the Rye Soda Bread.
  • 250 gr flour
  • 100 gr rye flour
  • 50 multigrain and oats mix - the one I use has dried fruits and nuts as well
  • 1 tsp soda bicarbonate
  • 1 level tsp salt
  • 1 egg on the large side
  • 2 natural yogurts (125 gr each)
  • 50 ml buttermilk (I make my version with milk and cider vinegar)
Pre-heat the oven at 190º. Place both flours, the multigrainand oats mix, the salt and the bicarbonate inside a large bowl and give it a stir with a fork, as to combine everything together. On a separate bowl whisk the egg, the yogurts and the buttermilk together, and then with the fork stir the wet mix into the flour. Once it starts coming together, use your lightly floured hands to pat an bring the dough together - do not knead, this is a dough that cannot be kneaded! Shape it into a round ball and place over a lightly floured baking tray, dusting the top with more flour (use spelt, it will add a nutty crunch and flavour that is to die for!). Use your hands to slightly flatten the dough into a disk and with a knife score a star or a cross on top, then bake it in the center of the oven for 40 to 45 minutes. It should sound hollow as you tap it, when it's done. Let it cool slightly, and enjoy a chunk of still warmish bread with a pat of butter, you will not want anything other than this, it's that addictive!!


  1. Sério?! Pelos vistos imensa gente também não está satisfeita... Tendo em conta o feedback que recebi :(

    Que aspeto divinal. Tenho de levar a receita comigo :D

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  2. Aaaaah, pão... <3 Sabes, se dizes que esta receita é ASSIM tão boa, vou guardar e assim que tiver um domingo mais livre...pumba, vou-me aventurar! :)

    Adorei a parte em que dizes que és uma bruxa irlandesa e uma mãe italiana hehehe...também me sinto uma mãe italiana muitas vezes...a outra parte é que ainda tenho de descobrir de onde vem. ;)


    1. este pão, para quem não está para se dar ao trabalho de amassar e deixar a levedar horas a fio, é do melhor, garantidamente. Pão de soda é uma mão na roda porque fica fofinho e de crosta estaladiça, e é tão saboroso!! Depois depende do gosto pessoal enfiar com frutas e tretas lá para dentro ou não ;)

  3. Eu tive de cortar em muito pão agora. Comprei um especial sem gluten... Enfim... Dou cmg a comprar e a comer pão que não devia e que sei q vou ter as reacções q n quero, pq acima do queijo está o pão... eu AMO mesmo mesmo mesmo pão.. és uma felizarda só por o poder comer. Fazer pão é do melhor para relaxar, e lembra-me tanto a minha infância...

    1. sou doida por pão apesar de comer só uma fatia por dia. O pão de soda é super bom, acho que dependendo das farinhas poderias comer.

  4. até estou a salivar, miúda! tu és a rainha do pão!!! que maravilha, já tinha visto no teu insta mas aqui está ainda mais fantástico! que lindo ficou, também, que os olhos são os primeiros a comer! quero tanto fazer, vou ver se me atrevo este fim de semana!

    1. faz que é simples e tãooooo boooom


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