Weekend a la campagne

This last Saturday I celebrated yet another birthday. As the only gift I really wanted was a weekend away from the bustle of the big city, Friday afternoon we took off to our Summer retreat, a place that has the best of both worlds: a bay of calm, blue waters and the woods that are filled with pine trees and eucalyptus, with their redolent scent of freshness and wholesomeness. Once more, I came away with mixed feelings, a heavy heart for leaving, as if I could I would take up residence all year long in that cozy little village, that provides me with walks on the scenic causeway, hikes in the hills, picnins in the woods, trips to the farmer's markets where I can lay my hands on fresh and oh so good produce at such affordable prices, and a slow paced living, stress free and rested...
I leave you with the pictures, for they speak more of the wonders of such place than any of my words ever could...

There aren't many places that I know where I can see a sky like this. especially around the area where I live currently...

The moon was full and the sky covered in dark clouds, it was a stormy night, brisk, but oh so beautiful!

The woods were full of freshly bloomed heather, making me think of Scotland, for some reason. Now let me tell you this, I have been going there for many years - the first time I was a toddler, around two years old, with my grandparents who always summered there - and have celebrated my birthday there many a time, and I cannot for the life of me remember ever seeing heather in the fields. It was the most gorgeous sight!

The river was looking peaceful, still waters shinning in the afternoon light.

The sights are always breathtaking, as far as I am concerned, and I never tire of them...

This type of gull is native to the area, they can be quite vocal and territorial, we had a blast watching them in their antics!

Family photo in shadows!

We found this weird crystal formations in the midst of the hard mud, needless to say we brought some home!

This is beautiful, as far as the eye can see...

The village can be seen right there on the other side of the bay. It's a lovely walk, going from one end to the other down at the beach, with the waters lapping at our feet.

The late afternoon sky looked stormy, yet lovely, with the promise of heavy rains in the dark, fat clouds. It was a wonderful weekend, and the best birthday I have had in years.


  1. fico mesmo feliz por teres tido um aniversário tão ao teu agrado e que te deixou tão satisfeita. as fotos estão belíssimas e adoro, muito mesmo, a vossa shadows photo!


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