Le gout des roses

As I was repainting my kitchen's upper cupboards, I felt the nag of my creative juices telling me to colour this old wooden spoon I had lying around, unused.

At first I was hesitant towards its colour, as I could picture it being cream and light blue, or cream and apple green, but at the end the combo that really spoke to me was this light pink and fuchsia. It made me want to get out and buy some tiny wooden spoons I saw at the Caldas da Rainha market and paint them in an array of colours!!

 This old plate seemed like the perfect company for photographing the spoon, though I managed to really come up with other just as nice companions to photograph it with. It is a plate that is so reminiscent of my childhood, as it belonged in my grandparents' kitchen, but now it's gracing mine, and being a charming backdrop and prop for my pictures. The combination of that creamy interior with the outer stripe in light rose makes me think of ice creams, it always has!


  1. Gorgeous! Adorei a combinação de cores, ainda bem que foi esta que resultou :)

  2. Que giro! Acho que ainda gosto mais do pratinho que da colher. Nunca fui a Caldas da Rainha, acreditas?... :xxx

    1. Nance, as Caldas em si na volta não são nada de especial - se bem que eu dava meio rim para ir viver para lá! - mas a zona em redor: Óbidos, a Foz, S. Martinho e Salir, Campo, Nazaré, isso sim, tem paisagens de cortar a respiração. AMOOOO aquela zona. Tens de ir.

  3. oh que linda está a colher! grande DIY babe!

    beijinhos e votos de um bom resto de semana

  4. bem giro que ficou! e o prato é bem fofinho também.
    já tinha saudades de cá vir!


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