Une table a deux

As I have mentioned before, we had our wedding anniversary earlier this week. I might or might not have mentioned also that we got ourselves a new table for the kitchen at the end of last month. Now, this table comes with a story of its own, as by late July my husband strained his back and couldn't sit at our old kitchen table, a high one, for two, which we had said plenty of times before was getting too small for the tree of us. We had decided on buying a new table, and I was set on the one I wanted, I had seen it at one of my favourite stores in the world, Taróca, where I go at least once a year, during our summer hols, seeing that it's close by the place where we always summer. It was a pretty little number, wooden legs and zinc top, with the possibility to be personalized and made to order. The price we were counting on was rather high, but we figured we could make it. 

Enter said back lesion and we realized the main priority was to change the mattress, something we had been talking of doing for a while, too. There went the money for the table, but since we were going to have it custom made, we figured it would still take some time to have it ready, so we could go ahead and maybe order it while we were on vacation and pay for it at the end of the month. We also came to the conclusion that the table would have to be lower that the one we had, as my husband's back could not stand the strain of sitting on high chairs anymore. And so we were on the market for at least three chairs as well. Thinking we could make do with the dining room chairs, we went ahead and drove to the store to get a proper budget on the table with the measurements we wanted. To our surprise it was way more expensive than we had imagined, way out of our possibilities, and we had to give up on that one. I was quite at a loss, as I had envisioned the kitchen with that particular table, and could not fathom any other. But a new table we needed, and a new table had to be found, so we did what most people at a loss do: we scoured Ikea. I saw a few tables there that I really liked, and that were way less expensive than the one I had been dreaming of, but when we got to the chairs, oh boy, the only ones I liked were quite pricey.

 And then, during one of our visits to the store, we came across this set. I mean, look at the price of it. Way under what we had been asked for a single table. I immediately fell for the stain on the wood, that slightly grey-ish tinge - I am obsessed with grey in interior design! - and best of all, everything was so lightweight, you know? So we settled for that set, and as soon as we could - sooner than we expected, actually, courtesy of one of my husband's aunts! - we brought it all home. To cut a long story short, all this to say that I am not averse to having a romantic dinner in a kitchen. I mean, I love my kitchen, I find it so cozy and adorable, I love spending time there, actually. We do have a dining table and we use it for most celebrations: dinner parties, birthdays, Christmas and what not, but for the everyday meal, I am quite keen on having those in the kitchen. And who said one can not have a proper, celebratory, romantic dinner also in the kitchen? All one has to do is set the mood with some candles, and a table setting that is eye catching. 

As we're in September, I wanted something very organic for this table set. The grapes, so typical of this month, were the starting point, with the green candles. White linen in the form of a runner, a vintage piece, made by another of my husband's aunts, with its crocheted inserts, brought out the natural feel I was looking for. Small twigs of fragrant laurel on top of the napkins brought the whole affair together, and the addition of blue toile de Jouy table setters with white dishes topped by proper blue Cavalinho sets looked perfectly paired with the red wine goblets and the white engraved glasses. It is a table that speaks of September's bounty, with the onset of early Fall and the reminiscence of late Summer, a table made for celebrating love, and life and new beginnings. What to you think of it?


  1. Que mesa tãooo bem posta!! Adorei! Aprecio muito uma mesa assim bem apresentada! =)

    Beijinho e bom fim-de-semana *


  2. pois olha que adoro a vossa escolha de mesa e cadeiras, já para não mencionar do lindo serviço de mesa e do quão bonito está o teu setting! Parabéns duplamente, pelo aniversário de casamento e pelo efeito romântico e elegante tão bem conseguido!

    bom fim de semana e beijinho

  3. Como alguém que tem problemas nas costas, sei bem a diferença que um colchão faz e entendo que tenha sido uma prioridade, mas felizmente tudo se resolveu e essa mesa é linda! Ver estas fotos deixa-me maravilha, porque parece tudo tão acolhedor e cozy! A cozinha também é um espaço de que gosto imenso, porque gosto de cozinha e gosto de me rodear de coisas boas, por isso percebo-te. Parece-me que tens aí um espaço verdadeiramente maravilhoso :) E já agora, felicidades aos dois pelo aniversário!
    Oh e aqui fica o link: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/Pasta-Risotto-with-Peas-Pancetta.html
    Espero que gostes! :)

  4. que mesa tão bonita! adorei os pratos, tenho um conjunto assim muito parecido e adoro! para além de serem muito bonitos, resultam sempre bem e com composições lindas para fotografar! :)
    bom fim-de-semana!


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