It is inevitable, that once having made strawberry - or any other red fruit - jam, that I won't enjoy it over a plain, homemade yogurt.

The tart acidity of plain yogurt goes so well with that rich sweetness of the jam to make it one of my favourite treats. With a layer of cereal underneath it all, it will be a perfect mid-afternoon snack for those days when you've had an early light lunch.

I hardly ever eat cereal outside of homemade bread, and this is the mixture I use on my bread: a combination of oats, dried fruits like mango, papaya, pineapple and coconut and some raisins, pecans and hazelnuts as well as some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, to add texture. It is quite delicious for bread making, just imagine yourself biting into a slice of warm, fragrant bread and coming across a sweet mango cube, or a hazelnut or a seed! Heaven! The same goes for having this mix with the yogurt and the jam, imagine coming across a pecan inside the tangy creaminess of the yogurt, entwined with that sweet coating of the jam. Have I gotten your tastebuds going now?


  1. I love home made iogurt and the cereal textures.
    I isually have it with apple jam, but I think I'll have a try with strawberries jam!

  2. super, super bom aspecto. E imagino com doce de cereja OMG

  3. linda composição, muito chique, sem dúvida! e o doce...yummy!


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