Gâteaux au noix de coco

Remember this post, where I said I would be posting the recipe for that coconut cake on the blog still this week? Well, here it is. It's a dense, not too sweet, very filling coconut cake that goes so well with ice cream, or coffee, or tea. Hell, even a glass of chilled milk straight out of the fridge will do the trick, it's that versatile!

You start by turning your oven on at 180º, and then get yourself a 100gr of shredded cocunut, one cup of oil, two cups flour, two cups sugar, half a cup of milk, four eggs and two teaspoons baking powder. On a mixer you start by pouring the coconut, the flour and the oil and mix it well together. THen you need to add the eggs, one by one, and the baking powder. The milk is the last one to go in, as you need to check the consistency of the batter, you don't want it to be runny, but neither do you want it to be too heavy and clumpy, so adjust the quantity of milk to get the smooth batter you're looking for. Grease an oven pan and dust it with flour, pour the batter into it and take it to the oven, for 45m, checking at the 30m mark. Let it cool on a wrack and serve it simple, or with ice cream. If you're having an indulgent breakfast, it is a cake that is perfect for that, seeing that it's not too sweet. If you try it out, let me know how you liked it!!


  1. faz isto outra vez e guarda me uma fatia pra semana capiche??? :D


  2. Bolo d coco e a coisa mais divinal q existe neste planeta !

  3. rústico, homemade a apetitoso ao máximo, tal como eu gosto! adoro as fotos!


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