Vendredi, mais pas ça

Fine, I grant it, I am not wearing this today. I did wear it last wedenesday, when I had to go to Lisbon, and it was supposed to be a scorcher of a day. I wanted to look put together and at the same time be comfortable, as I had a lot of walking to do. 

So of course a lightweight, white eduardian blouse was a must. This one is so fresh and comfy I could go around in it all Summer long. Really. Only now it needs to be washed because it kind of stinks a little. Public transportation does that.

Obviously a lace skirt made every sense, especially one that is from the Fall Winter collection, like if it's going to be hot, I'm not gonna melt in this, no way. Dunno where I had my mind when I opted for this skirt, I mean, aesthetically it made every sense, it all looks so good together, and stylish, and unusual, and unique, and so me... but my legs melted, which is not really all that bad, they do need some melting down of the fat I have accumulated in them.

And yes, sneakers. With a lace skirt. With a dainty, delicate blouse. Sneakers. Comfy, miles walking on them adored sneakers. I like it. And a tiny crossbody handbag is always a must, right? It ended up staying home, I needed a big handbag this time. But this one kinda looked good in the picture.

So this is the kind of thing I like to see myself in, even though I managed to get some wide eyed stares from some girls at the shopping mall. I put those stares down to envy for my innate sense of style, I'm that full of myself. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Adorei o conjunto! A tshirt é lindissima :)

  2. love the yellow shirt, so pretty!


  3. Loved it!
    I don't know if I had the guts to wear that skirt with the seakers.
    But like the set!

  4. adorei os achado; a T-shirt, então, é um espanto!


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