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I don't like to wear foundation. Wearing foundation requires me to waste precious time every morning, because I have to wear a moisturizer prior to the foundation, a sunscreen, an eye cream... you got the picture, right? So when I first came across the BB Cream phenomena, I was hooked, I admit. I have been faithful to the Garnier BB Cream for many years, now, but all of last year I noticed that even their lightest hue was rendering me an ugly shade of orange, so I decided to give a go to other brands. I came across this one from Lidl, and decided to try it.

Now, I have heard a lot of people say that the colour is too dark for their fair skins and so they do not like it. I have a pasty, yellowish white complexion that is quite hard to get a match for, when it comes to foundation and compact powders - the only brand I could ever find my match in was Shiseido, as I do have a colouring that is slightly asian like - and as I have said above, Garnier's lightest BB made me look like I had just come from a casting for The Valleys or Geordie Shore. and yet many fair skinned people I know swear by it, so I was a bit scared of wearing this one from Cien, Lidl's own brand. As it turns out, it blends quite well on my skin, it does not make me look orange at all - though it does warm up my skin tone a tad, and I do not dislike that - and gives me a sort of healthy glow.

If you're expecting full coverage with this, forget it. It is a BB Cream and not foundation, so the coverage is really, really light, although you can build it up a little. But if your skin is prone to some oiliness, I would advise against it, as it will get you shiny within a few hours, especially on problem areas. I only wear a tiny amount each time, and find that it is enough, as I am not seeking for full coverage but for a more polished and uniform look about my face. I am quite happy with it, and have even recommended it to my sister, who just had a baby and is on a tight time schedule, as you may imagine, without much possibility of spending hours dabbing on foundation and millions of creams. The price tag was another plus, let me tell you: just under 5€. All in all, I find it a good buy, but do not expect miracles.


  1. Admito que ainda não experimentei um BB cream, estou muito habituada à base :)


  2. Tenho de começar a usar um de vez em quando. Não tenho a mínima paciência para me maquilhar mas gostava de tapar umas coisitas sem ter de usar base. A experimentar

  3. pelo seu preço, acho que não poderia ser melhor! eu também me rendi aos bb creams, tão mais fáceis. e para mim a cobertura mínima não me faz diferença, até prefiro :)

  4. BB cream deixa a pele respirar melhor, não deixa? Eu mando vir da Coreia lol versão whitening e factor 100 ahah

  5. o único que experimentei foi o da Estée Lauder no ano passado e gosto, mas ainda sou fã da base. se bem que por este preço e pela tua review sou bem capaz de experimentar este!


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