Lately I've been using...

I confess that, besides the proverbial blusher brush, I have always used cotton swabs and my own hands to apply my make up. Eventually I would use some of those eyeshadow brushes, when they were part of any palette I bought, but that is quite rare, as I tend to buy individual eyeshadow. SO when I got this set of make up brushes I was at a loss, as I had no idea how to use them, besides the blusher brush and the big loose powder one - but I do not wear loose powder! my mind screamed .

They're from a german brand and every instruction on the leaflet was written in... yep, you guessed it, german. Now, I took two years of german, back when I was 13 and 14, and I remember next to nothing of it. Google translate doesn't help - if you were wondering, but I guesse you weren't - so I had to make do for myself. I first wanted to test the brushes consistency. You see, I have a kabuki brush, and I swear, it is the harshest thing to ever grance my skin. I bought quite sometime ago, when I was in a craze of mineral loose powder - which ended up giving me an allergy, by the way - and payed a hefty price for it, to no avail. So I was indeed wondering if these would be as harsh, or soft. 

They are soft. I mean, really, really soft. I've gotten used to using them all - though there's one that left me confused, since it looks like a mascara brush, I dunno what I am supposed to make of it!! - and I have to be honest, they do improve the way your make up blends and actually looks and lasts through the day. So, for someone who was so averse to using a make up brush kit like I was, I have made a complete turn in my opinion, and am now addicted to it!!


  1. Amiko Li afinal é um gajo!
    Ena, tantos pincelinhos! Não deixam pêlos na cara? Ou deixam grumos? Costumas lavá-los?

  2. Que óptimo conjunto, estava mesmo a precisar de um assim :)

  3. Eu confesso que sou um pouco como tu, uso o pincel do blush e o das sombras.
    Ofereceram-me um kit como esse... que ainda está fechado!
    Quem sabe não o começo a usar?

  4. o pincel tipo rímel é para penteares as sobrancelhas; eu não era, mas tornei-me um bocado obcecada por pinceis, mas a base coloco-a sempre com as mãos!


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